The Bachelorette: 9 Things You Should Know About Luke

Everyone keeps talking about Jordan Rodgers being the frontrunner of The Bachelorette, but there is another contestant giving him a run for his money! Luke Pell and JoJo Fletcher just can't keep their hands off of each other when they're together. It's very clear that she has a strong connection to him, but what do we know about him? Here are nine things you should know about the gentleman.


He's a Veteran

The contestant went to West Point and was a platoon leader in the Afghan war. Sadly, he lost a very good friend he grew up with who also served.


He Is One of Chris Harrison's Favorites

"Luke is one of my favorite guys this season and has one of the best stories. I am a sucker for people who serve," host Chris Harrison told Yahoo. "He is smart, kind, and charming. He is the whole package. He is a Texas boy, so he and JoJo have that in common. He really fits for JoJo. But he might be too perfect on paper but not add up in real life."


He's a Songwriter

Move over, James Taylor! Luke can not only sing, but he has a few singles on iTunes and has even toured to sing his tunes.


He's Also Pretty Smart

Sure, he is good-looking and can sing, but there isn't much else to him, right? Wrong! While at West Point, he got a degree in systems engineering and psychology — he's no dummy.


He Played College Football

Jordan Rodgers isn't the only one who had a football career! Luke played at West Point, so that might be why he didn't seem to break a sweat on the football challenge.


He Loves to Golf

He not only spends his time hanging out with animals, but he knows how to swing on the green as well!


He Really Loves Horses

We saw Luke really in his element riding horses with JoJo in Argentina. If you were wondering if he really is a horse whisperer in real life, then the answer is yes!


He's a Funny Dog Daddy

Not only does he have some awesome fur friends, but he likes to joke around with them too!