The New Season of 13 Reasons Why Has a New Narrator — Here's Who We Think It Is

While the memory of Hannah Baker can never be forgotten, it appears Netflix's 13 Reasons Why is introducing a new voice to narrate the series, ahead of its third season. Originally read by Katherine Langford, the show now seems to be narrated by newbie Grace Saif, who is playing Ani this season.

The streaming service has yet to announce whether or not Saif will officially be the main voice of the show, but she is presumably leading the narration of the series's newest trailer. Langford confirmed her exit from the series, concluding Hannah's role on the show, leaving room for someone new to step in. Someone like Ani?

While little is known about Ani, hints online suggest the actress is definitely in line and qualified to take over.

Let's break down the clues: Saif is British, as seems to be the case with the narrator of the season three trailer. Her character is seen scrubbing blood off a white article of clothing, making her out to play an important role this season. Could Ani be Bryce's latest victim on the series? Potentially even his killer? Her scenes in the trailer lead us to believe the newest addition to the show will be making quite the name for herself once she pops onto screens. Lastly, the most telling clue, voice reels from the actress's RADA and Advoice profiles confirm Saif's experience with voice-over work. Particularly as the narrator of The Kid by Charlie Chaplin, where her accent and narration skills are on full display. Play the voices together, and — ding, ding, ding — it seems we have a match!

While her storyline and involvement this season are still up in the air, there's no doubt Saif will be making quite the entrance when the Netflix series returns Aug. 23.