American Horror Story: Cult Revealed Oz's Birth Mom in a Heartbreaking Way

There have only been six episodes of American Horror Story: Cult so far, but oh my god, so much as happened. Along with the usual nightmares, phobias, and terrifying clown masks, a very crucial detail was finally revealed on Tuesday night: Ally (Sarah Paulson) is Oz's birth mother.

After Ivy (Allison Pill) admits to Kai (Evan Peters) that she hates her wife, she reveals that the main reason why is because Ally was able to give birth to their son. Ivy explains that she was unable to carry a child, and Ally referred to Oz as "my son" when he was a baby, even deciding to breastfeed him until he was three in order to further claim him as her own. The flashbacks of these moments are heartbreaking.

The revelation is definitely a bit of a surprise, especially since we see earlier in the season who Oz actually prefers. In the first episode, Winter (Billie Lourd) cruelly questions Oz about who his "real" mom is, to which he tells her he's supposed to say, "Every family is special in their own way." In the second episode, however, it's clear that he's much closer to Ivy than Ally. When Oz has night terrors, he rushes to Ally and Ivy's bedroom to ask if he can sleep in their bed with them. They both try to comfort him, but when Ally goes to hug him, he pushes her away and says, "No! I want Mom," and goes to Ivy instead. Ally then backs away heartbroken as Ivy cradles Oz in her arms. It's also worth noting that Ivy doesn't correct Oz, instead giving Ally a sympathetic look as if their son has a point.

The fact that Ally is Oz's birth mother doesn't fully solve the mystery of his full parentage, and it could mean something very important for the family's future (especially since Ally could end up being the cult's main leader). Guess we'll just have to wait and see.