Meet the Sexy Guy Who Played Rhaegar Targaryen on the Game of Thrones Finale

Though we've heard his name for years, we've been waiting several seasons for a real look at Rhaegar Targaryen, and the Game of Thrones season seven finale finally showed his face. The momentous reveal is also in — wait for it — the wedding scene between Rhaegar and Lyanna Stark, a wedding we didn't even know had happened until earlier this season. So besides the fact that Bran knows Jon is a Targaryen, Sam knows Jon is a Targaryen, but Jon doesn't know Jon is a Targaryen, at least we know Jon is a Targaryen . . . and who plays Rhaegar.

Rhaegar is played by actor Wilf Scolding, who previously appeared in UK series Skins and Doctors. Scolding's name was actually leaked as part of the recent cyberattack on HBO, but looking at the pictures of Scolding and the actor's pictures of himself on Instagram make it pretty clear that he is Rhaegar.

When its this cold, you should probably jump in a river somewhere #wildswim #naturalwater

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Now that one of the biggest mysteries of Game of Thrones has been cleared up, it's unclear whether this will be the one and only time we see Rhaegar. After all, we had already gotten to see the actress who plays Lyanna a couple times, so here's hoping!