Star Wars: What We Know About Supreme Leader Snoke

WARNING: Star Wars: The Last Jedi spoilers follow below.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens brought back a slew of our favorite characters, but it also introduced someone very important to the new trilogy: Supreme Leader Snoke. He returns in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and of course — gets sliced in half when he dares to face off against Rey and Kylo Ren. Despite his death, we still have so many questions.

Little is known about the villain, who had been allied with Kylo Ren, but we have a number of theories as to his true identity. Yes, he may have been a completely new character, but what if he's actually Darth Maul? Or Mace Windu? While we're patiently waiting for an actual answer to his real identity, let's review all the information we have about the villain.

1. He's Humanoid, but Not Human

As Star Wars expert Pablo Hidalgo pointed out in a tweet, the novelization of The Force Awakens actually describes Snoke: "Tall and gaunt, he was humanoid but not human." To fans who think that this may be a flexible description, Hidalgo followed up with the tweet, "Snoke's humanity is set in stone because that sentence got published."

2. He's Not a Huge, Looming Giant

Though he is projected to be a hulk of a figure in The Force Awakens, leaked images for LEGO's new set of Star Wars figurines told a different story. Though the images have since been pulled, the promotional materials showed Snoke to be the same size as the rest of the characters, which corroborates with what we see in his death scene in The Last Jedi. He's not some abnormal, hulking figure.

3. His Attire Hints at a Connection to a Kyber Crystal

As noted by a Star Wars fan site in April, Snoke is cloaked in beautifully woven golden robes. The concept art was confirmed by the Lego figures, which not only show the golden robes, but a giant black ring on one hand. The same fan site suggested that the ring could be a fraction of a black Kyber crystal. The ancient crystals are naturally in tune with the light side of the force and supposedly reject any users attempting to harness their power for dark purposes.

4. His Skin Isn't Blue

While he appears to be a sickly blue in The Force Awakens, Lego's leaked pictures show that Snoke actually has flesh-colored skin, like the rest of the characters. Again, this is confirmed in The Last Jedi.

5. He's Dead Now

Frustratingly, Snoke is killed before his real identity is revealed. But is this really the end? Will we never get an answer to this identity question, and should we be satisfied with what we know: that he was a really bad dude? Holding out hope over here still.