Here's the Deal With Vision, the Avenger You May Have Forgotten About

If you're planning on seeing Captain America: Civil War, you're probably pumped about reuniting with Iron Man, Cap, and the rest of the crew — but what about the new guy on the block? Vision is the latest addition to the onscreen team. He's played by Paul Bettany, and if you're a savvy Marvel fan, you probably already know that he has been the voice of Jarvis since 2008's Iron Man. Here's what you need to remember about how Vision is created. Please note that there are differences between the movie version and the comic version of Vision, so to avoid confusion, I'm mainly going to focus on how the film has portrayed him so far.


After many failed attempts, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, aka the Science Bros, finally create Ultron — only they don't realize it. They've walked out of the room when Ultron, who is essentially an advanced, intangible network of artificial intelligence with a desire to wipe out the human race, wakes up. He latches himself onto the network next to him, Jarvis, and promptly destroys him.

After causing some initial destruction, Ultron forces one of Tony's scientists to create a synthesized human body that will embody all the intelligence that Ultron has within him. Before he can finish "baking," the body is stolen by the Avengers. When they open it, Vision comes out. He's a highly analytical android (he absorbed some of Jarvis, after all), but he isn't bent on destroying the planet like Ultron. He's also not thoroughly convinced he should fight with the Avengers; as he puts it, he's on the side of people.

His powers include flight and the ability to manipulate density. He also has one of the Infinity Stones, the Mind Stone, at the center of his forehead, which allows its user to bend the minds of others, giving him a unique skill. (Comic fans will notice that the filmmakers changed the stone's color from blue to yellow and they're referred to as "stones" rather than "gems.") It came out of Loki's sceptre, which the Avengers obtain at the beginning of the film. This will likely come into play in the Avengers: Infinity War movies, since villain Thanos is trying to find all the Infinity Stones. Without giving too much away about the film, Vision becomes a member of the Avengers by the end of the movie.

In the comics, Vision actually starts a romantic relationship with Scarlet Witch. They have a brief — but tender — moment in Age of Ultron, and you'll have to see Civil War to find out if their flirtation continues. Bettany did, however, acknowledge the nod in an interview with Vulture.

Too long; didn't read? Vision is a flying android created by Ultron who fights for the Avengers and may become Scarlet Witch's boyfriend.