Cardi B Cancels Tour Dates to Focus on Her Pregnancy: "A B*tch Barely Can Breathe"

After Cardi B confirmed her pregnancy on Saturday Night Live, she's been continuing to make "money moves." The 25-year-old rapper has been promoting her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, nonstop and even dropped it like it's hot during both weekends of Coachella. All of this seems to have caught up with her, though, because Cardi recently announced on Instagram that she's canceling the rest of her scheduled performances.

"Hey y'all! What's poppin? So, I just want to make this a little clear and everything. Broccoli Fest will be my last performance for a little while and everything because, you know, shorty keep growing," she said of her pregnancy. "I be looking like I be moving and everything, but in reality a b*tch barely can breathe. I want to thank ya for understanding."

Even while taking a moment to talk about her album, Cardi struggled a bit to catch her breath. "I ate like six chicken wings, and I barely can breathe right now," she candidly exclaimed. Cardi also went on Twitter to explain that even though she's not performing anymore, it doesn't mean she's not working.

Don't fret though, because Cardi did promise that she'll be back for the final leg of Bruno Mars's tour on Sept. 7 in Denver.