Um, So, Everyone Thinks Superman's CGI Face in Justice League Looks Like Human Shrek

Before you even start, it's hardly a spoiler that Superman is in Justice League — he's on the movie poster!

Reactions to Justice League have been extreme, to say the least. While critics have mostly panned Warner Bros.'s latest foray into the DCEU (it currently holds a 37% on Rotten Tomatoes), diehard fans insist it's not so bad. Fortunately there's one aspect of the superhero film everyone seems to agree on: those bikinis are extremely sexist Henry Cavill looks like human Shrek.

Wait . . . what?

Over the Summer, Justice League underwent some reshoots that happened to conflict with Cavill's upcoming role in M:I 6 - Mission Impossible, for which he'd grown a striking mustache. Instead of, I don't know, just shaving it off and wearing a fake one for M:I 6 since Clark Kent/Superman obviously can't have a big mustache, Cavill kept the facial hair throughout his JL reshoots (he was reportedly forbade by Paramount to get rid of it). So, some genius at Warner Bros. then had the bright idea to just get rid of Cavill's mustache in postproduction with CGI.

That brings us back to human Shrek. Yes, human Shrek. Remember in Shrek 2 when the titular ogre is transformed into a "handsome" human man? Well, since the lower half of Cavill's face is CGI'd over in Justice League, it gives him a kind of uncanny valley appearance. In other words, he kind of, sort of, looks like Shrek does as a human. It's unsettling.

Fortunately for all of us, Twitter had some thoughts on the CGI disaster.