Here's the Reason Elyse Dehlbom Wasn't at The Bachelor: The Women Tell All

Elyse Dehlbom was a fan favorite on Colton Underwood's Bachelor season, winning us over after her sweet one-on-one date with the former football player. We were bummed but understanding when Elyse decided to leave the show — but most of us probably thought we'd at least see the makeup artist again at the "Women Tell All" special. So, why wasn't Elyse at the "Women Tell All" taping? It turns out she had a pretty good reason for missing the show.

Elyse explained on Instagram that while she would have loved to be part of the special, she had a longstanding prior commitment the night it was filmed: Elyse was at a wedding that unfortunately overlapped with the "Women Tell All" taping. But the former Bachelor contestant did take a moment to share some insight into her experience on the show.

"Women Tell All airs tonight! I would have loved to reconnect with the cast, @coltonunderwood and the incredible @bachelorabc team… But I was too busy getting slapped in the face by the potential for my own happily ever after," Elyse wrote on Instagram. She shared a video of herself catching the bouquet at her friends' nuptials, and it did literally hit her in the face.

In her Instagram Story, Elyse also shared that she learned what she's looking for and who she wants to be from her time on the show.

"I learned more about myself and what I want from a partner in weeks on this show than I have in quite some time," Elyse wrote. "It afforded me the opportunity to take a long look in the mirror and see what I needed to work on, to be the type of person my future partner deserves."

Even though Elyse and Colton didn't fall in love, it sounds like she had a great time getting to know him and the other contestants. And for fans who were disappointed she wasn't on stage alongside the other ladies on Monday night, well, there's always a chance she'll show up on Bachelor in Paradise this Summer.