We Must Not Be in Kansas Anymore, Because The Wizard of Oz Is Returning to Theaters!

With a classic film like The Wizard of Oz, it may feel like just yesterday that Dorothy Gale was taking us on a wild journey from a small Kansas farm to the Land of Oz. Funnily enough, the fantastical family film will be celebrating its 80th anniversary by returning to the big screen!

Thanks to Fathom Events, fans will be able to catch the Judy Garland-led classic in theaters as the kickoff for the 2019 TCM Big Screen Classics series (which will also include other iconic movie screenings, including To Kill a Mockingbird, My Fair Lady, and Alien). The catch is, The Wizard of Oz will only be in theaters for three days: Sunday, Jan. 27; Tuesday, Jan. 29; and Wednesday, Jan. 30. As a plus, the screenings will include commentary before and after the film, with special movie insights by TCM Primetime host Ben Mankiewicz.

You can visit the Fathom Events website to check out the complete list of participating theater locations and snag your ticket to a special screening. So grab your ruby red shoes and get ready to hop on that yellow brick road once again!