Jessica Chastain Goes on a Dangerous Journey West in the Woman Walks Ahead Trailer

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It looks like Jessica Chastain has another powerful character to add to her résumé. In the first trailer for Woman Walks Ahead, the Molly's Game actress stars as Catherine Weldon, an artist who travels from Brooklyn to Dakota in the 1890s to paint a portrait of Hunkpapa Lakota leader Sitting Bull. As she gets closer to him, she finds herself entangled in his peoples' struggle for their land from the US government and in particular danger from Colonel Silas Groves (Sam Rockwell).

Woman Walks Ahead, directed by Susanna White, is actually based on the true story of Catherine Weldon, who grew to be a well-known 19th century artist and activist for the National Indian Defense Association. The film hits DIRECTV on May 31 and arrives in theaters on June 29.