You'll Want Wonder Woman's Powerful Theme Song on Your Gym Playlist ASAP

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While watching Wonder Woman, you'll probably come away with a lot of thoughts — "holy sh*t, that was good," likely being chief among them — but there was one thing I couldn't get out of my head: Diana's intense theme song. Anytime the Princess of the Amazons was about to kick some serious ass, a powerful, familiar cello song would play. It's the same basic theme Hans Zimmer composed for Wonder Woman's action scene in Batman v Superman, called "Is She With You," only this time it's gotten a metal makeover from Tina Guo.

As io9 recently pointed out, Guo is a classically trained musician and electric cellist, who also plays bass and guitar (she even performed with the Foo Fighters at the 2008 Grammy Awards). She and Zimmer worked together to develop the initial theme, and now her solo version can be heard in full as Gal Gadot takes down enemy after enemy in the new film. Listen to the finished product above, and check out Guo in action below!