6 Exciting Things We Learned About the Gilmore Girls Reboot From Yanic Truesdale

Of all the quirky supporting characters in Gilmore Girls, perhaps the most beloved is Michel Gerard. As the uppity French concierge at Lorelai's inn, Michel delivers a nonstop stream of eye rolls, hilariously quotable insults, and an undying love for Celine Dion, making him one of Lorelai's funniest friends and a character who fans are undoubtedly dying to see when the reboot hits Netflix. The man behind Michel is Canadian actor Yanic Truesdale, and POPSUGAR recently spoke with him to hear what it's like to be back with his old Stars Hollow gang, why he loves playing Michel so much, and how the reboot is going to capture "the essence" of what people love about Gilmore Girls.

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1. Every Day on Set Is Like a High School Reunion

Now that the cast has returned to the set where they originally shot eight years ago, Truesdale says being back feels like a high school reunion. "First of all, we were all so young when we originally did the show, so we're all more mature, and we have perspective that we didn't have when we first did it. It's really nice to go back with the full knowledge of our place in the show's universe, and to be back with all these lovely and talented people."

2. We're Going to Get a More In-Depth Look at Michel's Character

When we asked him what his favorite part about filming has been so far, Truesdale couldn't help but get excited over the depth that has been added to Michel's storyline. "We get to find out more about who Michel is, and his personal life, which we haven't really seen much of during the series. That is the most gratifying part of going back for me. I have an arc. The character of Michel has an arc, and is revealing more of himself."

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3. But Don't Expect Michel to Lose His Signature Snark

"I enjoy the fact that he has absolutely no filter," Truesdale laughed. "To be able to say the things that he says, just being truthful and having no concern about being, kind of, politically correct or being loved, which we often are all kind of caught up in. He has none of that, so that's a lot of fun."

4. The Longer Episodes Will Show a Side to Characters We've Never Seen Before

"Everybody is coming back. If fans have some favorites, or anyone who was meaningful to them in the show, they'll most likely be there, so that's fantastic. And, also, I think that the different format of having hour-and-a-half episodes will give more airtime with certain characters and time to go a little deeper with certain things. I think it will be an interesting little twist on what people are used to with the show."

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5. The Series Is Going Back to Basics With Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino

"The last season of the show wasn't written by Amy. What makes the show what it is, is the creator of the show, obviously, and that's Amy. Since she wasn't able to write the last year, to be able to write the revival is really going back to the essence of the voice that made Gilmore Girls a success. People should expect to reconnect with the original Gilmore Girls."

6. Lauren Graham and Melissa McCarthy Are Just as Talented as They Seem

After we asked Truesdale which members of the cast he most enjoys sharing a scene with, he knew instantly. "Well all of my scenes over the years have pretty much been with Lauren and Melissa, and I have to say that I feel very, very fortunate to have had so much screen time with those two. They're just insanely talented, and I'm friends with them on top of it all."