Robert Pattinson Reacts to Zoë Kravitz Telling Him She Hasn't Seen "Twilight"

Zoë Kravitz isn't a big "Twilight" fan! While promoting the upcoming film "The Batman" for People's TikTok, Kravitz shared that she's never seen "Twilight," which, of course, thrusted her costar Robert Pattinson into the spotlight. After Kravitz quips, "it's not my taste," Pattinson incredulously replies, "Yeah right. It's not even cool to be a hater anymore," to which Kravitz responds, "I don't hate it I just didn't see it!" Eventually, Kravitz admits to seeing the first one with her best friend, although she didn't remember what happened. Shaking his head, Pattinson concludes: "There's a lot of experiences involving me you just completely erased." Watch the funny clip below!