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10 Closet Organizing Tricks

10 Organizing Tricks for Kid Closets

With the new season and school year on the horizon, now is a great time to sort through your children's closets, removing what doesn't fit and organizing what's left, including all those hand-me-downs that are still three sizes too big. To help, we've rounded up ten great tips on how to make the most of your closet space and also how to organize so that you can quickly get your little ones dressed when you've only got a few minutes to get out the door.

1. Group clothes by size.

"I just hang the pretty and good clothes according size - 6mths, 9mths, 12mnths, 24mnths, 2T, 3T etc. The everyday clothes, I fold and sort together in sizes." -Smitha Katti of Smiling Colors

2. Use closet separators.

"For younger kids, buy closet separators, and use them. Most I have seen go up to 24 months, but I have actually seen some go up to 4T." -The Domestic Life Stylist

3. Add a tension rod.

"To fit more baby clothes into a small closet, buy a tension rod and add another row for clothes." -Dagmar Bleasdale of Dagmar's Momsense

4. Group by clothing type.

I organize the closets by clothing [type] — pants with pants, shirts with shirts, etc." -Laura Rossi of My So-Called Sensory Life: 365 Unexpected Gifts from Motherhood

5. Keep only the current season's clothing at hand.

"I only have in-season clothing in each closet." -Laura Rossi of My So-Called Sensory Life: 365 Unexpected Gifts from Motherhood

"I organize my child's drawers with all the latest sizes that she wears, current season only." -Military Wives Saving

6. Store clothes for future seasons or sizes in bins.

"With my first son I organized Ikea bins by clothing age and labeled them as such (in 6 month increments) and would rotate them in the cupboard with the size he currently was and was going to be next at the front. I then move all sizes he's grown out of into my youngest son's closet [so that they are] ready for him to grow into. It's made finding the right size clothes for my second son much much easier!" -Samantha Howe of The Renovation Diaries

"Usually i'm a disorganized mess...except when it come to my toddler's closet. I have bins for everything: clothes that are too small for her, clothes that will fit soon-ish, clothes that will fit in over a year, and clothes that aren't too girly for her baby brother on the way to eventually wear. :)" -Janet d'Oliviera of Tulip and Thelma

7. Keep a "too-small" bin on hand

"We have a little one quickly approaching toddlerhood on our hands, and it seems that I'm always picking the item that's too small when I'm in a hurry to get her dressed. Instead of only clearing things out seasonally, I [now] keep a bin for too small items so that I sort those away immediately in the moment, rather than adding them back into the pile to get mixed up again." -Ania of The Diplomat's Wife

"I would also recommend keeping a storage container in the closet, this way as soon as you notice that your child has out grown an item you can put it in the storage container so that it does not take up space in the drawers/closet." -Siobhan of My Money Dearest

8. Make an End-of-Season Inventory

"When I change clothing out (winter to summer for example), I do an inventory of what we will need and make a note of it for future shopping." -Laura Rossi of My So-Called Sensory Life: 365 Unexpected Gifts from Motherhood

9. Clean Out Closet Every Six Months

"My daughters are now 16 and 21, so the growth spurts are basically over (except maybe for my 16-year-old). But I always cleaned out their closet, toy box, etc. a few weeks before Christmas and few weeks before school started. If I didn't get to clean out before Christmas, I would go through their closets right before or right after their birthdays, which are both in January. This helped me clean out clothes and toys they had outgrown just before new items came in." - Laura of Ziggys Blog

10. Store Out-of-Season Clothes in Space Bags

"We use space bags. I know what you're thinking. I thought it too. I did not believe that the 'as seen on TV' space bag would work but my husband wanted to try them for our winter clothes and we found a box on sale at the store so I picked them up and tried them. The really work. I now use them to keep my son's clothes organized by season and I label them with masking tape and a marker so I can read them easily. This system has allowed us to buy early as well and store them with minimal space used. We all love it and it's cleaned out everyone's closet!" -Becky of Ministry to Motherhood

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