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10 Early Signs of Pregnancy

Weird Cravings, Sore Breasts, and More Early Signs of Pregnancy

Besides the tell-tale skipped periods and those two lines that emerge on an at-home pregnancy test, how can you tell if you're pregnant? When asked on Facebook how they just knew, over 500 moms shared their earliest signs of pregnancy. Below, we've rounded up the most commonly mentioned ways that women knew they were pregnant — some you've definitely never heard before!

1. Sore Breasts

"My chest hurt so bad I couldn't hug my husband." — Emily L.

"My boobs were SOOOOO sore....even just the slight bounce when I would walk was EXTREMELY painful. I would cry it hurt so bad." — Mandi V.

2. Fatigue

"I could fall asleep while standing up! Tired all the time!" — Sarah E.

"I couldn't stay awake after 3 pm." — Charlotte C.

3. Peeing Constantly

"Night time toilet trips. Lots of them!" — Sian O.

"Going to the bathroom almost every hour!! Told my hubby we are either pregnant or I'm diabetic." — Silvia D.

4. Strange Pet Behavior

"My dog all of a sudden had a weird obsession with my stomach and wouldn't let anyone touch me, so made us wonder so I took a test — and yup." — Rachelle A.

"Funny, my female border collie knew before I did. She started trying to sleep on my stomach when we went to bed at night. She NEVER tried it before that and hasn't since I had him either." — Stephanie A.

"My baby pit bull started walking through my legs and started barking at everyone that got close." — Alisha M.

5. Dizziness or Fainting

"Dizziness every time I walked and [I was] extremely clumsy." — Lauren G.

"I could see 'stars' and got very dizzy." — Chelsey F.

6. Irritability

"With my second child it was when EVERYTHING my daughter did made me mad." — Rachel B.

"I yelled at my boss. (I thought that was more 17-year-old Andy behavior than 29-year-old Andy behavior.) Got a test on my way home from work that day." — Andy G.

7. Forgetfulness

"I locked myself out of my car twice in one week and forgot to shampoo my hair (got it wet though) when I took a shower. I told my friend I was losing my mind and she said, 'Are you sure you're not pregnant?' Sure enough, I was." — Kristi C.

8. Nausea or Vomiting

"I thought I was coming down with something, it was hubby who suggested I take the day off of work and get a pregnancy test - I thought he was nuts!!" — Wendy H.

9. Weird Cravings

"All I wanted was to eat toothpaste... So with my second I knew right away, lol." — Nikki A.

10. Gut Feeling

"Just an overpowering feeling that I was [pregnant], both times. Couldn't believe it when the test confirmed." — Stacey J.

"Just a gut feeling. Felt 'different' somehow. Not easy to explain. [I] just 'knew.'" — Christain V.

Image Source: Unsplash / Omar Lopez
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