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10 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

10 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Tired of the pricey, cookie-cutter Halloween costumes you see every year in the costume aisles? This year consider making an easy, inexpensive costume at home! Our expert DIY mom bloggers have shared ideas and instructions for awesomely simple, adorable, and creative kids' Halloween costumes you can make yourself.

1. Wonder Woman

Looking for superhero Halloween costumes for girls? This fun, modest Wonder Woman costume from Angie and Kristen of Blonde Designs is great for young girls. Materials include red and white felt and Velcro, blue boxer shorts and gold accents: "Gold paper was reinforced with clear mailing tape and used for the cut-out stars on the top, crown and belt. Simple gold rope was looped and secured with more Velcro on the inside of the shorts." Get full directions here.

2. Gnomes

An adorable gnome costume is simple and inexpensive to put together on your own, says Dani Marie of dm designs. Give both boy and girl gnomes a bright red hat, rain boots or clogs, and fun props like kid-sized gardening tools or giant fake flowers. For a boy gnome costume add a bright blue shirt, blue or brown pants, an over-sized belt or suspenders, and a beard. For little girls, use a red skirt, a "garden-pattern" shirt, and fun stockings.


3. Spooky Skeleton

A "black, long-sleeved t-shirt, black trousers and a bit of face paint" make for a quick and inexpensive skeleton costume, says Bird of Bird's Party Blog. "Dab the entire child's face with white paint using a sponge, then contour the eyes with black face paint using a small lipstick brush. Draw a triangle on the nose in black using the brush again. Then finish off with vertical lines on the mouth with the black paint!"

4. Space Invader

Recommended by Southern Belle's Charm blogger Natalie Clause, Martha Stewart's Space Invader Halloween costume packs quite a visual punch and is made from household items like egg cartons, plastic cups (for the helmet), and a cookie press (for the weapon). Click here for Martha's detailed costume instructions.

5. Witch

For witch costumes, Bird of Bird's Party Blog suggests using classic Halloween colors, with a "simple black and white striped t-shirt paired with an orange and black tutu, black socks and black ballerinas. Add a witches' hat from your local thrifty store and a home-made broom."

For a playful, brightly colored alternative, Kiersten Reinhold of The Gourmet Gals suggests using colors like purple, bright green, bright blue and orange for a witch costume: "I bought a simple black hat and added purple feathers, ribbon, and bows with lots of tulle. It was darling." Add an inexpensive purple shirt, a tulle skirt, black tights, high tops, and a broom tied with ribbon and tulle.

6. Owl

"I love the little, handmade owl costumes that are circulating the web right now," says Marie Dannettelle of Sweets Indeed. If you can do some simple sewing, this easy, colorful, and charming owl costume is great for girls or boys — and makes the perfect partner for a Harry Potter sibling!

7. Butterfly

Butterflies costumes are Halloween favorites. Leslie Ibanez of Pampers, Play Dates and Parties relays a easy way to assemble one: "I turned my little girl into a 'butterfly' using a few super simple items: a brightly colored tutu, inexpensive fairy wings, color-coordinated tights or leggings and a solid t-shirt, hair up in little pigtails as antennae. Add a wand and you could call her a fairy princess!"

8. Thomas the Tank Engine Conductor

Is your toddler obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine? Daphne Jackson of Moo Moo's & Tutus shares a cute, affordable way to make your own Thomas the Tank Engine conductor costume with only a blue sweatsuit, gray jersey fabric, black felt, iron-on transfer paper, a needle and thread, and a train conductor hat. The result? "He looked adorable on Halloween!"

9. '80s Aerobics Instructor

This Jane Fonda-inspired '80s aerobics instructor costume is easy and cheap, says Ursala Rénique of Chica Perika: "All you need are tights, a leotard, sneakers, leg warmers, head-band, wrist-bands and a very thin belt. If you are making the costume for a baby you can use a onesie instead of the leotard. What's important is to get the colors right: they must all be very 80's (fuscias, fluorescent green, etc). If things can be striped...all the better."

10. Batgirl

Batgirl is another great DIY superhero costume for girls. As Angie and Kristen of Blonde Designs share: "A black turtleneck leotard and black leggings were transformed into superhero status with bright yellow and black felt. The 'boots,' which are worn over my daughter's regular shoes, were the most time-consuming part of the whole costume." Get full directions here.

Image Source: Via Blonde Designs
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