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10 Easy Tips for Closet Organization

10 Easy Tips for Closet Organization

Is organizing your closet on your spring cleaning to do list? Whether you're shooting for a basic decluttering or a makeover worthy of a Container Store catalog, these closet organizing tips can help you make fast work of this common trouble zone.

1. Organize by Season

“I like to organize by season. So the least likely to be used clothing goes towards the back. And I clean out and/or rotate about four times per year.” -Dumb Mom of Parenting By Dummies

“I divide my closet into two — Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer…My shoes also are also divided into seasons.” -Anna Cohen of Simplystylishmom

2. Group by Type of Clothing

“I find that I can most easily find what I'm looking for when my closet is grouped by type of piece, i.e. dresses, pants, blouses...” -Meghan and Kristin of Bon Bon Rose Girls

3. Group by Color

“Arrange the clothes in each section by color from left to right (i.e. black, blue, brown, red, orange, yellow, ivory, and white). This makes it much easier to find outfits and is more pleasing to the eye.” -Cristin Priest of Simplified Bee


“About ten years ago I began to keep my clothing sorted by color rather than by item. All of the sudden organizing was not only fun but it [also kept] me entertained to keep it organized. I sort it by the colors of the rainbow starting with red and ending with purple. I typically keep browns, blacks, and whites all together on one side or the other.” -Selena Cate of Apron Thrift Girl

4. Matching Hangers

“Invest in matching hangers — wooden hangers can be picked up from a discount store and immediately and effortlessly make you closet appear neater. I even buy mini wooden hangers for my son.” -Courtney of Kids Fashion Review

“I absolutely LOVE the thin felt/velour/velvet hangers for your closet space. They literally double your hanging space. I highly recommend them.” -Laura of I'm an Organizing Junkie

5. Closet Rod Extender

“To get more space to organize your closet, buy those expandable shower rods for an added row to hang clothes.” -Dagmar Bleasdale of Dagmar's Momsense

6. Over-the-Door Organizer

“I also love those see-through hanging shoe organizers—put it on the inside of the closet door to store small items like scarfs, sock, or even jewelry.” -Dagmar Bleasdale of Dagmar's Momsense

7. Shoe Boxes with Photos

“Keep shoes in their boxes and take a little picture of each pair to stick on the front. Another (more pricy) option is clear shoe boxes. Boxes are great because the protect shoes from scuffing each other, keep pairs together and ensure the bottom of the closet looks neat.” -Courtney of Kids Fashion Review


8. Smaller Boxes

“For smaller items try storage boxes or drawers that can be easily pulled out or moved, this will limit the mess you create searching for items as you can always pull the whole box out and sit it on your bed to search.” -Courtney of Kids Fashion Review

9. Labels

“Finally, most IMPORTANTLY, I label, label, labeled EVERYTHING. All the boxes have neat labels so that you know exactly what goes where.” -Jesika Jennings of Six Degrees of Love

10. Letting Go

“Throw out anything you haven't worn in the last year. (Or donate it.) This is hard, and I [am] someone who tends to have an easier time letting go than others I know. Not only will it free up space but it frees you mentally. Every time you interact, even by just looking at, an item that doesn't fit, is the wrong color, is worn out or just was a bad choice you feel negative feelings. When these things are gone, your trips to the closet are happier, no matter how organized it is.” -Cathryn Lane of Best Loved Child

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