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10 Meaningful Ways to Remember a Child After Loss

10 Meaningful Ways to Remember a Child After Loss

When my son died I had no idea how vital it would be for me to create tangible ways of remembering him. But I've found over time that it is incredibly important that he is thought of as a cherished member of our family and that people feel comfortable remembering him along with us.

Below are some ideas for remembering and including your own lost baby or child.

1. Display Images of Your Baby

Keep photos of your baby displayed in your home. For those who have had early losses or those who might not feel comfortable sharing photos with others, there are some wonderful artists out there who create memorial portraits. We had a lovely pencil drawing done of Finley.

2. Make a Memorial Box

Create a special memory box in which to keep some of your baby's things and also things that remind you of your baby. In the one we made for Finley we included a hat and booties he wore, outfits we'd bought for him, the blanket he was wrapped in, lock of his hair, his footprints, birth certificate, death certificate, the name card that was on his incubator, ultrasound photos, pregnancy photos, etc.


3. Create with Your Child in Mind

Create things with your child's name on them. I've ordered a candle holder and made a ceramic fridge magnet and a hand knit Christmas stocking.

4. Write Your Child's Name

Write your baby or child's name in the sand, or anywhere that is meaningful for you.

5. Journal your Experience

Create a memorial blog or web page about your baby.

6. Give to Charity in Your Child's Name

Raise money for charity in your baby's name. I chose a stillbirth and neonatal death charity (Sands UK).

7. Name a Star

Name a star after the child or baby you've lost.


8. Honor Your Child's Memory at Celebrations

Remembering and taking time to include your baby on special holidays. On Christmas we displayed the stocking I'd made for Finley along with those of the rest of the family, and we had an ornament on the tree for him. On his birthday, he will have a birthday cake and some sort of celebration.

9. Get a Tattoo

Get a tattoo in your baby's memory. My husband and I both got one for Finley. Mine is of his footprints with his name and date of birth.

10. Sponsor a Child in Need

Sponsor a child in your baby's name.

I sincerely hope that some of these ideas may be of comfort to you if you have suffered a loss.

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