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10 More Bizarre Pregnancy Cravings

10 More Bizarre Pregnancy Cravings

From early morning cravings for greasy fast food to bowls of pickles and ice cream, pregnant mamas-to-be have always been famed for their strange and consuming hankerings. The RoundUp visited this topic once before, collecting a list of ten of the most bizarre cravings ever mentioned by Circle of Moms members, from smelling laundry soap to eating sponges.  

I thought I'd heard it all with that story, but mamas-to-be never cease to surprise. So I've gathered a new round of bizarre cravings — each of them weirder and more cringe-inducing than the last. Let me know in the comments — did I leave anything out?

1. The Mayo-Mustard Combo

For Jordanne F., the more rich tasting a food was the better, so she found herself piling on both the fat and the flavor: "I craved mustard and mayonnaise together, so I ate a lot of sandwiches."

2. Broccoli...But Just the Stalks

Kaleena G. is the rare mom who craved a good-for-you vegetable — broccoli. But what makes her hankering truly special is that she was driven to bypass the florets and eat only the part many of us toss: the stalks.

3. A Glass of Vinegar

Dana C. craves the sour taste of vinegar: "I make cucumber salad and it has tons of vinegar in it, to where no one else will eat it." it's so intense that, as she reports, "I would [want to] drink [it]".


4. Cold Fries

For Lerin B., the cravings for fast foods were much like those of many pregnant moms, but she had a specific twist: "I wanted my McDonald's fries cold."

5. Flamin' Hot Cheetos with Blueberry Pop Tarts

Alyssa S.'s favorite pregnancy snack combo was Flamin' Hot Cheetos and blueberry Pop-Tarts. "They had to be together or I wouldn't eat them. I ate this combo at least two times a week from six months pregnant till the day I delivered!" she confesses.

6. Peppermint...on Everything

When she was pregnant, Tiffany S. craved "anything peppermint, like peppermint milkshakes, peppermint hot cocoa or peppermint mocha," she says. Not only that, everything from her cereal to her fruit had to have a touch of peppermint added.

7. Grilled Cheese with PB&J, Egg, Syrup & M&M's

Karen D. came up with a grilled cheese combo that is best described in her own words: "A grilled cheese, French toast, PB & J combo with syrup and M&M's on top. Where that came from I have no idea, but I made it and loved it. Made a grilled cheese sandwich then dipped it in egg for the French toast affect, then spread PB&J on top, [and] added the syrup and M&M's on top. Yummy."


8. Chilled Corn Starch

Mom Sandy P. craved corn starch: "I'd put it in the freezer and chill it. I'd get a spoon and eat spoon after spoon after spoon," she says.

9. The Smell of Gasoline

Tracey C. tells Circle of Moms members that rather than having a food craving, she wanted to inhale a rather dangerous item: "Would you believe it was petrol? I loved the smell, and would have purposefully smelled it if I didn't know it was so bad for me and my baby," she says.  

10. The Paper Chase

Yes, forget about actual food. Lorraine P.'s favorite pregnancy yearning tops them all: "Paper... it was a problem if I went shopping because I used to eat most of the parking ticket, not much left to put in the paying machine. Imagine explaining that."

What was your most bizarre food craving during pregnancy?

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