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10 More Rude Questions and Smart Replies

10 More Rude Questions and Smart Replies

When you're out in public with your kids and a stranger asks you a too-personal, or even offensive, question, how do you reply?

Hundreds of moms responded to our story on 10 Questions No Mom Likes to Hear, some sounding off that stupid questions deserve stupid answers, and others suggesting that questions from curious strangers are generally well-meaning and that moms should basically relax.

But what we were really amazed by in the comments is how many moms shared additional questions that seem even more inappropriate! If you've ever stood drop-jawed after hearing one of the following questions, you're not alone. And while a simple "why do you ask?" or "that's too personal for me" will always be a valid response, many moms have offered up alternate replies...


1. Is she mixed?

“When shopping with my daughter I've had strangers come up to me and ask ‘Is she mixed?’ [or] ‘What is she?’ I once responded, ‘She's half labrador and half husky.’” -Dina B.

2. What race are they?

 “My children are half Hispanic and the question I can't stand is, 'What race are they?' I took a cue from Tiger Woods and respond, 'They're in the human race...what race are you in?' It works every time! -Heather S.

3. What’s wrong with him?

“My son has a rare disability that is very visually obvious. I get so tired of people asking me ‘what's wrong with him?’ Umm... Nothing! He's my beautiful son! What’s wrong with you? And by the way, thanks for pointing out something that is obviously painful on its own.” -Lacey B.

4. How much did they cost?

"Both of my children are adopted, my son from Korea and my daughter from China. I think the worst question I've ever been asked in front of my children (and it's happened a few times!) is ‘How much did they cost?’ I always respond: 'They're priceless!' My husband and I DO meet with couples considering adoption and we will discuss this with them, but the children are in another room." -Joanne R.

5. Was it planned?

“The only question that bothered me was when I was pregnant and people would ask if it was planned. Um, how about I ask you personal questions about your sex life now?” -Toni C. 

6. Are you having twins?

“I think the most annoying question [I got] while I was pregnant…was always, 'Omg are you having twins?!' No, there was just one very large 9.5-pound child in there." -Jennifer C.

7. Are you still with the father?

“I was a teenage mom and the first and foremost question everyone asks me is ‘are you still with the father?’ What the crap! All the statistics that teen moms are whores is just so drilled into everyone’s head. And yes I'm married to him and no, it's not because we have a kid together.” -Amanda H.

8. Don't you wish you could have had children of your own?

“Both of my children are adopted and there is one question I get frequently that I HATE – ‘Don't you wish you could have had children of your own?’ I always reply, ‘They ARE my own children and this is the path God chose for us. We are thrilled to be parents and to be able to love and raise a family no matter how it was formed.’ I hope to educate ignorant people about the joys of parenting and the incredible experience of adoption!" -Katrina L.

9. Why is he crying?

“The worst for me when my bub was newborn was...’Why is he crying?’...if I knew the answer he would've stopped by now, so please leave me alone thanks!" -Sarah H.

10. Are you pregnant again? When are you due?

"The question that really makes my day: 'Are you pregnant again? Congratulations!' Answer: No, I'm just fat!" -Ivanka S.

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