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10 Reasons It's Not Possible to "Enjoy Every Minute" of Parenting

10 Reasons It's Not Possible to "Enjoy Every Minute" of Parenting

10 Reasons It's Not Possible to "Enjoy Every Minute" of Parenting

We moms of babies and small children all know it - the moment that happens over and over during the first years of your childrens' lives. It is the encounter (which occurs with a frequency otherwise seen only in the movie Groundhog Day) where an older friend or relative croons at you to "Enjoy every minute" of your time with your children, because "it will speed by!"

Most of us have learned to grit our teeth and nod, with a saccharine smile, when these conversations occur. Chances are, the mom on the receiving end does feel fortunate in a general sense. However, in a practical and immediate sense, she feels these other things - in this order.

1. exhausted

2. impatient

3. ineffective

4. exhausted (oops - said that already!)

5. sick and tired of poop


As a fellow parent who is just completing her last potty training, who has one child in school (but not the other!), and who interacts with a slew of friends with babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and older children, I am here to tell you that it is okay not to feel joyful about the downsides of child rearing that all these older folks have conveniently blocked out. Here is a list of things I grant you permission not to enjoy (and this list is by no means complete):

1. being a one-woman human waste management system

2. sharing your most personal moments with a child who wants to hand you a maxipad

3. sweeping up cheerios with determination that would leave Sisyphus in the dustpan...I mean dust

4. feeling like a trip alone to the grocery store is a spa day

5. getting drenched all day, every time it rains, because your kids won't get into their carseats

6. being awakened in the night by kids with wet beds, bad dreams, croup, and busted night lights

7. offering a variety of menu items that rivals a diner

8. hating the park, because it means you will lose your children and lose your mind

9. needing a sherpa to carry all the stuff your kids require on a trip

10. having people tell you to enjoy every minute

Let's face it - folks are not going to stop needling you to cherish these childhood days, because everybody loves to give unsolicited advice. The next time you are faced with this irritating moment (and you know it will be soon) remember that these well-meaning people are reminiscing about their own days of parenting through rose-colored glasses, and it's all because you managed to present your child as being sweet and delightful for their enjoyment. You, my friend, are a hero!

Now go change some diapers.

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