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10 Signs You're a Mom

10 Signs You're a Mom

10 Signs You're a Mom

It’s amazing how becoming a mom can change ones perspective. Do you remember back to your pre-kid days?  You know, back in the days when the 10 signs you're a mom didn’t apply to you? You may need to reach way back in the memory banks but I know it’s there. The days when a screaming child would make you wonder why the mother couldn’t control her kid. All the things you would never allow your child do.

Recently I was talking to a group of women with older children. We compiled a list of items that even now, all these years later, remind us that we’re moms. I’m guessing that most of you can relate to a majority of the items on this list.

1. You think nothing of stepping over a child throwing a tantrum in the grocery aisle to get your jar of spaghetti sauce.

2. Instead of judging the mother of the screaming toddler you’re just happy it’s not your kid, no matter how old they are.

3. The sight of another mother picking a cookie up off the ground, blowing on it, and putting it in her kid’s mouth doesn’t cause you to gag.

4. The sight of a women smelling her kid’s bottom and heaving a sigh of relief makes you smile.

5. You start rocking from side to side when you hear a crying baby.

6. Hearing “Mom!” yelled out in public makes you stop and look around, even when your kids aren’t with you (or have grown up)

7. The emergency kit in your car doesn’t consist of jumper cables and road flares but of handy wipes and cookies.


8. You aren’t surprised by the sight of another woman using a public toilet with the stall door open so she can keep an eye on her kids.

9. The words to your child's favorite TV songs are imprinted in your brain and you occasionally hum/sing them, even if your kids haven’t watched the show in years and have no recollection of the song.

10. You think nothing of reaching over and straightening a friend’s collar, hair, tag, etc. At the same time your friend (who is also a mom) thinks nothing of you doing that to her!

Did I miss any?  I’d love to hear what you would add to the list.

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