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10 Ways to Reward Good Grades Without Paying for Them

10 Ways to Reward Good Grades Without Paying for Them

Not all parents believe you should pay your child for good grades (see related article: Should You Pay Your Child For Good Grades?), but Circle of Moms members say that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reward them. Here are some ideas of how to celebrate a good report card without forking over any cash.

1. Let Them Eat Cake

Around here we celebrate good grades — and pretty much everything else — with cake. It’s a way of letting our kids know that we're proud of the hard work they’ve put in and that we think it’s worth acknowledging. They like cake, but the reward isn’t so great that they’re relying on external rewards for getting good grades. 

2. Have a Kids' Choice Family Night

Like me, Circle of Moms member Lysha J. doesn’t believe in paying for good grades, but she also doesn’t think any other material rewards are a good idea, either. Instead, she suggests doing something as a family, something that the kids choose, like going out for ice cream or renting a movie.

3. Go to the Museum

Mom Christine H. thinks as kids get older and school work gets harder, it can be motivational to reward kids with activities for continued good grades. She and mom Autumn B. both suggest a trip to a museum, which can be both fun and educational.

4. Buy New Books

A number of Circle of Moms members say that good grades earns their child a trip to the bookstore or a chance to choose something from the latest book order form. As one member named "Fluffy Bunnies" points out, if the reward is educational, you’re encouraging his interest in education.


5. Use a Cumulative Reward System

A few moms mention that instead of paying for good grades, they use a sticker chart as a cumulative reward system. Chantelle P. says when your child gets to a certain number of stickers, you can take them to buy a small toy. Belinda P. uses a system in which five stickers is equal to a dollar, which can be saved up for a wanted item. 

6. Go Out for Ice Cream

I remember this report card reward from my own childhood, as does mom Jen B., who says it was a big deal to go out for ice cream when she was a kid. That’s why she’s carried on the tradition with her son, who is so excited about it that he even shows his report card to the server!

7. Give Out "Lego dollars"

Instead of paying in real dollars, mom Sherry M. rewards improved grades with what she calls “Lego” and “craft” dollars. It’s a great idea; it makes the reward a favorite recreational activity and doesn’t involve cash.

8. Eat Out as a Family

I love Theresa K.’s reason for taking the kids out to dinner to celebrate good grades. "We reward our children with a family dinner out. It gives us a great opportunity to talk about their grades and the comments from their teachers," she says.

9. Give an iTunes Gift Card

Circle of Moms member Candace says she sometimes gives iTunes cards as a reward for good grades, but she mixes it up with other rewards, too. When her oldest child made the Dean’s List for the third time in a row, she got to go horseback riding!

10. One-on-One Time

Don’t forget that sometimes just a little time alone with you is a treat for your child. Mom Wendy L. says one way she rewards her daughter’s good grades is by planning a special outing just for the two of them.

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