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139 New Peanut-Based Products Added to Peanut Recall

139 New Peanut-Based Products Added to Peanut Recall

Back to your pantry to do another check: Last week's peanut butter recall has been expanded. Sunland, Inc., the manufacturer whose contaminated peanut products led to 30 cases of salmonella posioning in 19 states, has just voluntarily added every product made in their peanut plant during a specific window of time to the recall. The precaution is being taken because these products may also have come into contact with the salmonella virus.

The list is long— 139 additional peanut-based products have been added, including peanut butters from Arrowhead, Kirkland (Costco), and Trader Joe's. The complete list is available here. (Scroll down for both the new items and the products from last week's recall).

Sunland says,

"Consumers can contact the Company at 1-866-837-1018 for information on the recall. This toll- free number is operational 24 hours a day. Consumers who have products which are within their current shelf life (“Best-If-Used-By” dates of October 4, 2012 and later) should return the products to the place of purchase for a full refund or discard them. All expired products (“Best- If-Used-By” dates of October 4, 2012 and earlier) should be discarded. Customers who purchased products directly from the Company’s website should discard the products and contact the Company at 1-866-837-1018."

Read the whole story (US Consumer Product Safety Commission)>>

Image Source: Sunland Peanut Butter
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