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3 Reasons Every Mom Deserves a Housekeeper

3 Reasons Every Mom Deserves a Housekeeper

Like many Circle of Moms members, Sharon C. says her ultimate wish would be "to hire someone to clean my house." But, she adds: "My hubby says 'No' and just doesn't want anyone in our home because I should be motivated to clean my own home." She adds, flatly, "Well, I'm not."

Sharon's situation seems fairly common; in fact in many households where paying someone to do the cleaning is an option, there's often resistance from within. The reasons vary, but the most common are privacy and trust issues, the moral value that we should all (literally) clean up our own messes, and the view that a stay-at-home-parent can manage it all. But if you have kids and you're lucky enough to have the means to hire a housekeeper, Circle of Moms members say you should get over it. Here, they offer three excellent reasons for bringing in some housekeeping help.

1. You're Overwhelmed By All You Juggle

Working, grocery shopping, caring for the kids and everything else on a mom's "to do" list can add up, and house cleaning help would help ease the load. "I would love to be able to afford to have someone come in a couple of times a week and clean my house," says Krista E. "But we're just not at that point in our income. I'm hoping that once I'm to the point where I no longer have to pay for daycare, we can put that money towards getting someone in once a week. I don't mind tidying or doing my own laundry, but it's depressing to come home, make supper, put the baby to bed, clean up, and then realize that it's 9:30pm and I REALLY need to clean out the fridge."

2. You'd Rather Spend Time With Your Children

Time is money, and time spent cleaning the house is time away from the children. Many Circle of Moms members feels that as long as a family can afford cleaning help, they should consider it as an opportunity to spend more time with their children. "When I worked we had a housekeeper who came twice a week," says Kelly. "I honestly do not think I could have been a working mother without her; our house would have been disgusting. I just didn't have the energy left to clean it after working all day, plus, I wanted to spend those precious few hours in the evening with my little boy." Mechelle M. had the same discussion in her household. She reports that she and her fiancée, who have two young children and want to add a third, have realized that they'd first need to to hire someone to clean so that she could still spend time with their children.

Even beyond a wish to reclaim time for your children, many Circle of Moms members simply feel that cleaning the house yourself just takes too much time that could be spent doing other things. "The last time I was able to clean my house top to bottom and got everything 100% all caught up was when I took a week's vacation from work," says Amy D. "I'm trying to keep it maintained, but it's not possible. . ."

3. You Hate Cleaning and A Pro Does a Better Job

Even Circle of Moms members who can keep up with the daily chores say they'd love to have help with the more infrequently-needed deep cleaning jobs. As Shannen says: "I would love a cleaner to come in once a month to do the stuff I really hate and give the place a great scrubbing."

Then there are the many moms who don't like to clean, or who are so disorganized that the task becomes intimidating. "I absolutely downright DESPISE cleaning," says working mom Sharon C. "I'd be more content grading 152 student essays (which I am procrastinating on right now). I'm a cluttered person with piles here and there."

In the end, many moms, including Amber N., feel that "There's nothing wrong with delegating work to somebody else so that you can focus time and energy on more important tasks. In economics, we like to call that specialization; it helps the world keep turning."

Do you wish you could hire cleaning help?

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