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3 Reasons to Send Your Child to Preschool

 3 Reasons to Send Your Child to Preschool

Is preschool necessary? Some Circle of Moms members are pretty sure that it can be skipped. But if you're on the fence, it's helpful to consider the benefits as well. Here are three reasons to send your child to preschool, as shared by Circle of Moms members.

1. A Late Birthday

By the time Circle of Moms member Dione W.'s daughter turned five, she had been home-schooled for two and a half years, her social and academic skills were great, and Dione said she was “ready to go to school.” But because her birthday was in early October, after the cut-off for eligibility, she couldn’t go to “big school.”  

Not wanting to keep her home another year, Dione sought the advice of the Circle of Moms community, who almost unanimously recommended sending her daughter to a Pre-K or preschool program.  

Jodi advised finding a pre-school in the neighborhood in order to develop “friendships with other kids her own age who will end up starting school with her.” Lisa N. agreed, pointing out that while being challenged academically is important, emotional maturity is equally as important.

2. Access to Early Intervention Services

Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) , once a child turns three, the state education agency is responsible for special education services for children with disabilities. 

How those services are provided vary by state, but Circle of Moms member Sherry T. said it best when she said “The school is required to provide services for your child starting at the age of three.”

Many states will only provide services like speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy if a child is enrolled in a public or state-approved preschool or PreK program. Mom Paula says that in her son’s case “the services were not [in] the school system, but were paid for by the school system,” while he attended a therapeutic preschool.

3. Kindergarten Isn’t What it Used to Be

When mom Holly G. asked Circle of Moms members about sending her child to PreK or just waiting until kindergarten, it was clear from the responses that kindergarten is about more than socialization and learning letters and numbers.

Pam B. , mom to a four-year-old is also a kindergarten teacher. She was quick to point out that kindergarten is much more academic than it used to be and that she would recommend the preparation a good PreK can provide.  Stay-at-home-mom Angie K. agreed, stating  “kindergarten has changed so much” as one of the reasons she sent her children to preschool.  

It’s also the reason Tena C. wishes she had sent her younger son to preschool instead of daycare. Tena’s older son is in high school. “Kindergarten is nothing like it used to be and has very high expectations compared to before,” she explains.  “We were so unprepared [for] what is expected academically.” 

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