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3 Sweet Ways to Preserve Childhood Memories

3 Sweet Ways to Preserve Childhood Memories

In the first few years of life, kids seem to change almost every minute. You're so busy tending to their needs that you can easliy forget to capture and tuck away all the precious moments as they whizz by. To help you cherish memories of your growing child, we asked moms for their favorite ways to record their childrens' childhoods. Here we've culled ideas on what to do with photos, smart ways to journal, and fun crafts ideas for preserving memories.

What to Do With Photos 

"For every year of my son's life I have made a photo baby book using local company Blurb. I intend to do the same for my daughter's first year and then combine the two as they will be doing most things together. I also include their birth stories, when milestones happened, etc. So many photos end up sitting in our computers so it's nice to put them together in a book or collage or [have them] printed and made into handmade cards for family members to keep." -Sophie Davies of The Marin Scoop

"Make a hard cover photo book (i.e. via Shutterfly) for each month of the first year. Make a book for every year thereafter. You can add your journaling, too!" -Nancy J. Davin of My Yellow Ribbon

"For my baby, I started at her one-week birthday taking pictures of her weekly on the same blanket. Each week I try to show off a "trick" or favorite toy/outfit to remember the progression and milestones." -Amy of Using Our Words"


Where to Write Down Memories 

"Journaling is nothing new - but beside pictures this is my favorite way to preserve baby memories. Every year I would get a new journal, and I would write in it every day. Some of the entries just say something mundane like which park we went to that day or where we had lunch...but if you keep at it (and I did for seven years) you will have quite a collection of sweet and hilarious stories for your kids as they grow older. I can't tell you how much my girls love reading the journals! -Ashlyn of Pinecone

"Well . . . starting a mommy blog worked for me. (And I keep a journal with the more personal memories that are just for our family.) -Mary Jacobseon Teague of A Momma Grows in Brooklyn

How to Preserve Memories with Crafts

"Something that we started with our first [was] to have her do her first finger painting on her first birthday. Not only are the pictures of this hilarious and adorable to look back on, but the end result is equally as adorable. We then frame it and display it. We did this for [her] second and will do the same for [her] third. . . . it has become a tradition. Along with that, on [our kids'] first birthdays we do hand prints; theirs as well as mommy's and daddy's. It looks so sweet, all of our hands in various sizes grouped together. This is also something that we frame and display. The last thing we have done is a foot print of each child on their 6-month birthday".  -Angela Gray of Have a little faith

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