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4 No-Mess Indoor Activities Kids Love

4 No-Mess Indoor Activities Kids Love

One of the challenges of bad weather is engaging kids in fun activities that don't include a television screen or create a giant mess. To help, we asked moms in Canada (experts in what to do when snowed in!) for their recommendations on indoor activities that are low on clean-up. Below are four of our favorite suggestions.

1. Dance Games

“In my ZumbAtomics classes, we play a dance game that everyone adores and it is easy to play at home: Dancing Statues. Put on some dancing tunes. Stop the music and have the kids freeze in position. The first statue buyer (from an exotic location) presses the nose of the statue she/he wishes to see dance. The statue comes to life and dances (turn back on music) until the buyer claps his/her hands and the statue freezes in place again (pause music). This continues until the buyer has viewed all of the dancing statues. The buyer then decides which one to take home to his/her exotic mansion. The statue that was purchased now becomes the next buyer. –Melissa Mix Hart of Modernista Mama

“Our favorite no-mess activity is having a dance party. Our two girls love it when we turn on music and allow them to dance on our bed and we love watching them — it’s hilarious and entertaining.” –Erica of Healthy Life Lessons

2. Knitting, Sewing & Weaving

“The kids love making potholders with the plastic looms and stretch fabric loops. Sometimes the loops can fall all over and get a bit messy, but since they are large and dry, it makes for a VERY easy cleanup. We keep a covered plastic bin with a loom for each of the kids and plenty of fabric loops. They love it and their finished potholders make great gifts and are super useful- I use mine in the kitchen all the time!” –Tanya Toledano of

“Sewing and knitting projects (like knot blankets) keep little. . . fingers busy for hours and the blankets keep their legs warm in the cold Northwest, too!” –Angie Tolpin of Leaving a Legacy


3. Hide and Seek

“We play a lot of hide and seek!” –CanadianMama of Just Another Mom Blog

"I love Hide-n-Seek because they love to hide, which means mommy has time to throw together dinner or a load of laundry in the machine!. :)" -Lat Leger of The Experimental Cupcake

4. Painting...with Water

“Sometimes I put my kids in the tub with paints and a brush. Then any mess can be rinsed away once they are done! The kids still get to paint and I don't have a huge mess to clean up :)” –CanadianMama of Just Another Mom Blog

"We love to wet watercolor. It sounds messy, but really, the only thing that is wet is the paper and the pictures that come from it are soft, sweet and soothing. My high-strung oldest found this a favorite way to calm down and often asks to do it when she is having trouble relaxing. –Robin Rivers of Our Big Earth

What's your favorite low-mess indoor activity for kids?

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