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4 Pregnancy Must-Haves

4 Pregnancy Must-Haves

I'm in a much better state of mind this pregnancy than I was with my first. But emotionally and psychologically sound or not, I'm not one of those women who loves being pregnant. In fact, I don't like much about it at all, save for the fact that at the end of it all, we'll have a glorious and lovely new little daughter. Other than that, I'm pretty uncomfortable most of the time.

So I've got a little go-to list, my pregnancy must-haves. With these items, my discomfort can be alleviated, clearing my head to focus on that part I like — the part about having a little girl soon.

1. Milk and Honey for Heartburn

My number one pregnancy symptom is heartburn. And while the wives' tale proved true last time--Iris was born with tons of hair!--sometimes the intensity of my reflux is unbearable. My OB/GYN is comfortable with me regularly taking Zantac; and when the going gets too tough, I will pop a pill from time to time. But ultimately, I like to avoid medicines while pregnant. Just a personal preference. And so, I've found that an ice cold glass of milk can soothe my stomach quite a bit, especially if I drink it right before a meal. When that doesn't work, I also throw back a spoonful of honey, a proven natural remedy if your stomach is producing too much acid. (I've also heard apple cider vinegar if you're short on acid production, but this doesn't work for me when I'm pregnant.)


2. My Favorite Body Pillow for Sleep

Nothing beats a good night's sleep when you're pregnant. In fact, it's a must. But let's face it: That is a commodity harder and harder to come by the more pregnant you become. Between sore boobs, widening hips, and an ever-growing belly, sleep turns into a chore rather than a luxury. There are all sorts of special pillows out there to aid in pregnant sleeping; and for me, the Snoogle takes the cake. It's perfectly shaped to support all my areas of need--hips, boobs, stomach, and back--all at once. I sleep like a baby with this bad boy, and it's really useful for postpartum sleeping and nursing too.


3. A Reusable Water Bottle for Hydration

Maybe I'm a walking Colorado cliche to never leave the house without my reusable water bottle; but when you live a mile high, you've got to stay hydrated. And mamas growing humans out there know that, when you're pregnant or nursing, hydration is key. It's easy for me to through my empty water bottle into the diaper bag and fill up at our various pit stops throughout the day.

4. A Body Cream for Stretch Marks

The effectiveness of this remains to be seen for me. When I was pregnant with Iris, despite all the oils and creams I tried, my entire body was laden with stretch marks. I hear it's genetic, yet I'm still trying to beat the odds. This time around, I'm trying the Clarins stretch mark system; I'm 27 weeks in and so far no new stretch marks. (I'll report back when it's all said and done.) And using the oil and lotion (both 100 percent botanical, don't worry!) adds a little luxury to this pregnancy for me. They both smell delightful and help me take a few extra minutes for myself during the day.

What are your best pregnancy recommendations?

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