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5 Apps That'll Save You Money

5 Apps That'll Save You Money

5 Apps That'll Save You Money

We love finding new tools that help families save money. From the grocery store to the gas pump to credit card bills, here are five types of money-saving apps that can help you trim expenses. 

1. Price Comparing App

"RedLaser is my favorite app for saving money. You can use the app to scan barcodes to find price comparisons to that product at various online stores. Sometimes there are just products you just don't HAVE to buy in the store -- verifying that I can save money by purchasing online tells me just to stop the impulse purchase and buy online!" - @DigitallyMolly of Digital Mom Blog            

2. Local Deals App

"My favorite app that has saved me hundreds of dollars is The Coupons App. I mainly use it when retail shopping or for free local deals. Tip: the app will ask for you to sign in, but you can click 'skip' to bypass this screen. (I have a post that shares all four of my favorite apps that I use to save money.)"  -Elle N. Em of Cleverly Changin


3. Digital Coupons App 

"CellFire is a great app for savings money at your grocery store without clipping coupons." -Jennifer of Real Posh MOM

4. Loyalty Cards App

"Loyalty memberships at grocery stores and retail outlets can save you a bundle, but who wants to cart around 23 plastic cards on their key ring, or get their inbox filled up with emails touting the week’s specials? Never fear! First, set up an email address dedicated to your retail excursions – that way you won’t miss out on the exclusive deals and coupons but won’t get inundated in your regular account. Next, check out CardMobili, an awesome application for your Smartphone that stores your cards and coupons so you simply flash your phone at check out." -Andrea Eldridge of Computer Nerds on Call

5. Bill Tracking App

"Download all of the apps for your credit card companies. This way you can also check to see on new purchases, charges and make sure you pay your bill on time." -Siobhan of My Money Dearest

Do you have another app that saves you money? Please share in the comments!

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