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5 Crazy-Making Toddler Habits That Are Perfectly Normal

5 Crazy-Making Toddler Habits That Are Perfectly Normal

Does your toddler do anything that drives you nuts or that makes you struggle to stifle your laughter? Kids morph into wacky little creatures at this stage, and their quirky habits can drive even the most patient of parents to distraction. If this is you, take heart: as you'll see below, your wild and crazy tot is perfectly normal.

1. A Passion for Persistence

My son, who is a few months shy of three, is in the "why" phase. Even after I explain why something is or isn't, he keeps asking, But because why? Circle of Moms members Jenni and Rochelle C. have kids who show similar persistence: Jenni's three-year-old insists on using every public restroom they pass. And Rochelle's three-year-old daughter won't stop asking for something until she gets it. While she finds it easy to hold the line at home, it's more challenging out in public: there, rather than accepting "no" for an answer, her daughter pees in her pants.


2. Blind Imitation

Little pitchers have big ears, and Circle of Moms members share that cursing, crying to get their way, and hoarding toys are a few of the not-so-charming tricks that their toddlers pick up from older siblings, cousins, and relatives. While it verges on the comical to hear a two-year-old curse, most of us don't want to be caught laughing! In fact, as Kathy S. suggests, your child may realize that you disapprove of his new behavior and then repeat it in order to figure out where your boundary is; in this case, being careful not to reward him with a big reaction of any kind is usually your best hope of nipping it in the bud. 


3. Obsessions With Doors and Lids

Renisha T.'s 22-month-old son is obsessed with doors. She was relieved when her doctor said this is normal, and even more relieved when a host of Circle of Moms members chimed in to second the motion. Lindsay W. and Melissa D.'s kids can't walk through an open door without needing to shut it behind them. Crystal N.'s son extends this fixation to cupboards: he needs to both open and close every cupboard he encounters.

My own son had a six-month obsession with garbage cans. He didn't need to touch them, but he needed to cruise through the neighborhood every morning  sometimes as early as 6 a.m. and have me open every single can we passed. I was pretty self-conscious on garbage day! Thankfully, many of my neighbors are parents and understood right away.


4. Hiding Too Well

Many toddlers love to hide, including my son. Lucky for me, I can usually find him by the sound of his giggles. But other moms report that it can be stressful when your child gets really good at hiding. As Sharon G. shares, when her son was a toddler, he could hide himself so well that it often took quite a bit of time to find him. He was utterly silent  she couldn't even hear him breathing, and he even stood on objects to make the search even harder.

(If you've got a hider on your hands, Circle of Moms member Amanda points out that if it's a good idea to set boundaries  you don't want your child going out of the house or into a dangerous area.)

5. Innocent Mistakes

The most universally-commented on toddler habit of all is one that's more endearing than annoying: their innocent misunderstandings. Olive T. told her two-and-a-half-year-old that they were going to his grandparents' to help them move house. When they pulled up in the driveway, he said," Oh, no! Do we have to pull it the whole way?"

Another mom shares an observation her three-year-old daughter made about her baby brother: "Mom, Aaron has a tail on the front of his bum!" And Angie L.'s three-year-old told his mom he was going to buy some teeth for his baby sister, "since she only has four."

When my son first pooped in the potty, I said, "Olin, I'm so proud of you for pooping in the potty!" He said, "Mama, I'm proud of you, too." "Why?" I asked. "Because you poop in the potty too!"

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