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5 Fast Food Picks from Real Moms

5 Fast Food Picks from Real Moms

Let’s face it: lots of moms hit a drive-thru with their families once in a while. So for those really-can’t-make-dinner nights, we asked moms where they go and what they order. What we found is that even when ordering fast food, moms are still making an effort to find the healthier options. Here we’ve rounded up five go-to fast rood choices of real moms — and what they  order. (If you have another pick your kids love, let us know here!)


“I choose Chipotle every time. My family can get food there that is vegan, delicious, reasonably nutritious. We go for burrito bowls (or tacos) with rice, black beans, veggies, and guacamole! They also have fresh iced tea which is definitely a nice addition to the meal.” -Meredith Hopkins of The Vegan Kitchen

“I would go with Chipotle. They offer local and sustainably grown food for their menu. I would go with a veggie burrito bowl (with tofu).” -Rachel Jacobs of My Naturally Frugal Family



Subway is our go to fast food choice. It's usually a good deal especially when they're doing the $5 foot-long specials. I also like that you can choose what goes on the sub and can pick healthy things like olives and tomatoes. Last night since it was just my daughter and me and I already had dinner while she was at karate practice, I took her to Subway for her favorite meatball sandwich. She had half of it last night and will have the second half tonight for dinner before karate. It saves me from having to cook a big meal just for the two of us.” -Anne Marie Nichols of This Mama Cooks

"We would probably get Subway or Chipotle. My girls get so excited at those two places because they love to go down the line and pick out what is going into their sandwich or taco :). Since my husband is a vegetarian, these are the best fast food places for my family, because they both offer him a couple different options. My go-to sub at Subway is the veggie delight, and we all love the burritos and tacos at Chipotle." -Corey of Family Fresh Meals 


"My family has a weakness for Chick-fil-A! We don't eat out much, but when we get fast food, it's always our first choice. I love their food, the customer service and the business philosophies of the company. We are happy to support such a good organization that is constantly giving back to the local community. There are some healthy choices on the menu. I usually go for the grilled chicken salad or sandwich on a whole grain bun. For the kids, the grilled chicken sandwich, chicken soup or the grilled chicken wraps are a smart choice. They offer fruit cups and milk, so you can dine out and no break the scale or the bank. :) The sodium content is high in a lot of fast food choices, but everything in moderation can work in a healthy lifestyle." -Amee Livingston of Amee's Savory Dish


Salsa Fresca

"We have a fast food Mexican restaurant here, Salsa Fresca, that offers healthy food, and I can get yummy vegetarian food there. What I love most about them is their green commitment: they offer compostable, corn-based to-go containers, and deliver with a Smart car. SFMG is an eco-conscious business and supports sustainable and renewable products whenever possible (from recycled equipment and materials to low VOC paints.) Can't beat that combination - sustainable practices and healthy food we all like." -Dagmar Bleasdale of Dagmar's Momsense

Grocery Store Sushi

“I would grab packages of sushi from the grocer where I work. I watch the sushi chefs prepare them every day and I love the freshness and variety. They love to make something special for you too, all you need to do is ask.“ -Katie Selner of Kate in the Kitchen

“Our go to fast meal is always sushi. Actually, sashimi. My girls love their tuna and salmon sashimi.” -Cheryl Arkison of Backseat Gourmet

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