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5 Gifts Moms-to-Be Really Want

5 Gifts Moms-to-Be Really Want

Whether you have friends with deep pockets or not, it doesn't hurt to dream big! Specifically, it doesn't hurt to hope for luxurious loot at your baby shower. After all, "friends pooling their funds together can translate into more expensive gifts," says Circle of Moms member Kim H.

But as members' conversations about baby showers reveal, the rules for gift giving can be unclear. So Kim is inspiring expectant mothers to set their sights on gifts that are grander and pricier by sharing her own wish list, which includes a nanny service and a designer crib.

Why not? Here, culled from the fantasy registries of Circle of Moms members, are five baby shower gifts that will launch your mini in the lap of luxury!

1. Professional Help

Yes, Kim H. is right on the mark, as it seems nannies, cleaning and cooking services head the list of bigger-ticket gifts some moms-to-be are hoping – and asking for - on baby shower day. “Some of my friends bought me a cooking service for three months for my shower and it was the best gift ever,” says Kelly S.


2. Pricey Baby Gear

Heather B. is wishing for top of the line baby gear, including a baby carrier that can cost $125. “If you want to travel I think the Babybjorn carrier is a must,” she says. “I had friends who got cheaper ones but they made the baby sore.” Khara says she yearned for a Bugaboo stroller. “I love the Bugaboo and wanted it, but didn’t ask because I felt like $1,000 on a stroller was a waste of money. But I still wanted one and kind of regretted not getting it.”

3. High-End Layette

For some expectant moms, like Sheila G., expensive clothes and baby supplies are a top priority. “Since this is my first child I'm all about getting her the best of whatever it is she needs,” she says. Renee J. agrees and has asked for all designer clothes for her soon-to-be baby daughter. “I have style myself and I want my daughter to be stylish, too.”

Another Circle of Mom member, a mom who goes by the name “Good Day,” wants personalized clothes for her baby. “My favorite things to receive were the totally unnecessary things, like monogrammed onesies and bloomers,” she shares.


4. Posh Nursery

The grander and pricier the nursery set-up the better, say Circle of Moms members like Sapphire. “I had an acquaintance who spent close to $3,000 on a nursery, with a round crib, gorgeous crib bedding, furniture, and she hired someone to paint the room with murals,” she says. “I would love that but it is out of my price league. If someone can afford to buy that for you, or you can, I say why not?”

5. Banking on It

One gift that makes a statement – literally, is setting up a bank account for the child-to-be, where guests at the shower deposit contributions, suggests Brandice W. “I would tell guests that you prefer money to help pay for care of the child, and open a special savings account at a bank that people can deposit money in if they're uncomfortable with handing you cash."

Mandy H. also likes the show me the money idea and says her favorite baby show gift was a gift card. She feels moms-to-be should not be afraid to hope for cash in at their showers. “ favorite gift from one of my baby showers was a gift card,” she says.

What's your dream baby shower gift?

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