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5 Laugh-Out-Loud Embarrassing Pregnancy Moments

5 Laugh-Out-Loud Embarrassing Pregnancy Moments

If you’ve ever been pregnant… chances are you’ve had at least one moment that mortified you (and perhaps those around you). Sometimes, all you can do is laugh at the funny things that are happening to your body as you grow a little person in there! Okay… maybe it’s easier to look back and laugh. For brave moms in the Circle of Moms communities, stories like these are just too good not to share (because we can all relate)!

1. Surprise Leaks

One of the most embarrassing aspects of pregnancy is frequent and sometimes unexpected urination. With a baby pressing firmly on your bladder, sometimes you just gotta go! Don't feel bad, it happens to all of us at some point. Thankfully Erica B. was brave enough to share her story about a night-time incident when she was 40 weeks pregnant:

"One night I had a dream about going to the bathroom and woke up soaked (yes, I wet the bed) but I was freaking out because I thought my water broke... I had a doctor appointment that morning... and explained to my doctor that either my water broke or I wet the bed and since I hadn't done that since I was about 3 or 4 I 'knew' what that answer was, lol. Yeah well, of course I had wet the bed so when I got home I quickly washed my sheets — and never told my husband."


2. Awkward Intimacy

Wetting the bed isn't the only funny thing going on in the bedrooms of pregnant women. Doing the deed can become quite an adventure, especially in the third trimester, and it's hard not to laugh when you read what happened to Stephanie G. during her first pregnancy:

"I was probably about eight months — big and pregnant... [While] hubby and I were getting our groove on...I slipped off the bed and landed between the wall and the bed and got stuck.... My husband just laughed at me. And I had to wiggle my way out!"    

3. Unintentional Prat Falls

The wiggles and waddles of getting around while pregnant can be pretty funny... especially trying to get up from a sitting position. I remember being humiliated about everyone having to pull me off the couch... but that's nothing compared to Jenna B.'s hilarious story about what should have been a quick trip to the grocery store:

"I was eight months along (with a belly the size a yoga ball) and I went into Wal-Mart to get just some bread and a small package of chicken.  Well, I had to walk down the cracker/cookie aisle and started getting cravings.   So I'm just carrying the items in my hands because I didn't go in to buy so much, but I started trying to juggle a box a Cheezit crackers here, and a package of oreo cookies there... So my hands are full and [I] start to squat to [reach for something while] balancing all the stuff already in arms. I get all the way down, reach out for the bag of cookies, and my body starts teetering.  I grab the bag and my butt plops right down on the floor.  Do you think I could get up??  Hell, no, lol! There were people in the aisle, including a woman with a little girl who looked right at me and said "Mommy, she went oopsie" and started giggling.  I was mortified. I eventually put all my stuff on the floor and took like two minutes... to get myself up and steady."


4. Uncomfortable Explanations

Announcing your big news to the family? Be ready for some hilarious questions if you have little ones who aren't well versed yet on the birds and the bees. Brenda D. got a response she never imagined from her son when she told him she was expecting: "We told my three-year-old the baby was in my tummy. He looked at me with a very serious face and said, 'Mommy, you ate the baby?'"

5. Delivery Room Comedy

Carrying a baby might give you some memories to chuckle about, but for some mom, birthing brings the most mortifying moments. I saved this gem for last because I don't think anyone can top it. A big thank you to Ashlie J. for sharing this story about the unique bonds of friendship:

"I had quite a few people I know at the hospital in the room with me when i gave birth, and  as I was progressing through labor, at some point my doctor decided to invite everyone to look at my exposed water bag, and at the moment a friend bent down and was right in front, my water broke, and shot her in the face! I saw it going at her, and all i could do was cover my mouth and look away! She freaked out, and to this day is still very mad at my doctor!"

What was the most embarrassing thing that happened during your pregnancy?            

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