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The 5 Most Popular Initials for Baby Names in 2011

The 5 Most Popular Initials for Baby Names in 2011

Did you start your search for a baby name with a particular letter? Many moms come to Circle of Moms looking for names that begin with an "S," a "J," or some other initial that's meaningful to them or to their families. So after sharing the most common baby names of 2011, we took a page from these searchers and dug a little deeper into our data, this time to find the most common first initials given to their baby girls and boys by Circle of Moms members in 2011.

The Most Popular First Initials for Girls

Certain letters of the alphabet were much more prevalent than others in 2011. More than half (a full 56) of the top 100 girls' names of the year start with one of five initials: A, S, M, K, and L! The names, in order of their first initial's popularity, are as follows:

A: Ava, Abigail, Addison, Amelia, Alexis, Aubrey, Alyssa, Audrey, Autumn, Avery, Aaliyah, Aurora, Anna, Arianna, Aubree, Allison, Abby, Ashley, Amber, Ariana, Alexa, Alice, Alivia

S: Sophia, Sophie, Savannah, Samantha, Sarah, Sofia, Sydney, Scarlett, Serenity, Sienna, Summer

M: Madison, Mia, Mackenzie, Morgan, Maya, Madelyn, Mya, Makayla, Molly

K: Kayla, Kaylee, Katie, Kaitlyn, Kylie, Khloe, Kennedy, Kendall

L: Lily, Lillian, Lilly, Leah, Lucy, Layla, Lauren, Lyla


The Most Popular First Initials for Boys

There was a similarly strange high number of names in the top 100 boys names in 2011 that began with certain letters. As with the girls, more than half (51) of the top 100 boys' names began with J, C, A, B, or M! The names, in order of their first initial's popularity, are as follows:

J: Jacob, Jayden, Joshua, James, Jack, Jackson, John, Joseph, Jordan, Jaxon, Jeremiah, Jake, Jace, Jonathan, Justin, Jaxson, Julian

C: Connor, Caleb, Christopher, Cameron, Christian, Chase, Carter, Cooper, Charlie, Colton, Cole, Charles

A: Aiden, Alexander, Andrew, Austin, Anthony, Aaron, Alex, Adam, Ashton, Aidan, Ayden

B: Benjamin, Brayden, Bentley, Blake, Brandon, Brody

M: Mason, Matthew, Michael, Max, Micah, Muhammad

Why Are Certain Initials So Popular?

Are more parents choosing names that start with A so that their children will be placed at the front of the line? Do the letters S, K, and L somehow feel feminine whereas J, C, and B seem masculine? And why are there no girl names starting with D or boys names starting with F in the top 100 lists? 

We're baffled  so you tell us! Did you choose your child's name in part because of the first initial? If so, what does that letter mean to you?

Why do you think these initials are so common?

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