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5 Reasons to Love Stay-At-Home-Dads

5 Reasons to Love Stay-At-Home-Dads

Like many Circle of Moms members, Jocelyn S. wishes her husband could spend more time with their children. This stay-at-home mom may be heading back to her career soon, so the possibility of a change in the family's routines, one that will allow her husband to be with their kids more, feels close at hand. And although Jocelyn's a little worried about how this role reversal might impact the kids ("Do you think that it makes any difference, how the kids are raised?” she asks), she's mostly delighted: “My hubby might end up a stay-at-home dad, fingers crossed,” she says.

As the economy shifts more husbands out of jobs and into the role of stay-at-home-dad (SAHD), Circle of Moms members are talking about this role reversal. Though they’re finding some frustrations and disappointments, many discover that they love it. Here, they share why having their partners at home with the kids is enriching their lives.

1. My Husband is Bonding with Our Kids

Many moms, including Maureen P., Melissa S., and Lisa H. say they like the increased closeness the shift brings to their children’s relationships with their dads.


He is extremely dedicated to them - always tries to make sure they have a great day,” says Maureen of her husband, who stays home to care for their two- and four-year-olds.
I love that he has the opportunity to bond with our children,” echos Melissa. “Most men don’t get the chance to create the type of bond he has with our kids.”

Lisa H. agrees: “It’s a hard balance, but when I see how close my kids are to their dad compared to the kids of the men I work with, I know we made the right choice."

There can also be unexpected benefits. Chrisa H., whose husband has stayed at home for 14 years, points out one: her sons have both loved having their dad home to coach sports and "do guy stuff.


2. I Love My Job and Make More Money

Many couples go the stay-at-home-dad route because the mom's job is more lucrative and it simply makes more sense financially. Chrisa H., whose husband has been a stay-at-home dad caring for their three children for 14 years, shares, “My career had more room for advancement, so we chose him to stay home at that point."

Lisa H.'s situation is similar. “We just relocated to New York City for my job, which I love and has more earning potential than his former job,” she says.

3. My Husband is a Better Stay-at-home Parent

Many moms with stay-at-home husbands, including Sarah M., Thora S., and Kathy H., are surprised to discover just how good their husbands are on the home front.
Sarah, who loves being a mom but also wanted to pursue her career, says that having her husband at home gives her the peace of mind to do exactly that: “I honestly think I couldn't stay home, at least not for long. Even if I had the option, I like working and I don't know that I would like being with children, even mine, all day."

Thora also loves the role reversal:

My husband is a wonderful and loving daddy and has always had more patience and compassion than me. We knew even before we had children that we wanted him to stay home and me to work.”

Kathy H. agrees. “I have a wonderful ‘wife," she says. “The house is cleaned, dinners done, kids cleaned. I know it is hard on him so I give him a lot of praise. I think men can be wonderful at staying at home.”


4. My Husband is Much Better Than a Babysitter

Finally, several moms with stay-at-home-husbands say they rest easier with their husbands caring for their children rather than a babysitter or nanny. “I feel much better that they are with daddy and not someone who gets paid to care for them,” says Wisal D. Her husband stays at home with their three-year-old son and five-month-old daughter.

Alicia B. agrees: "My hubby stayed home with our youngest son for several months. He was awesome. I didn't have to worry about whether or not the daycare was hugging the baby."

5. My Husband is Happier

Maria Collins' stay-at-home husband has joined a dads' group and she's enjoying watching him reach out and make new friends in their community. “They have playgroups and kids' activities during the day, an active discussion forum similar to this (Circle of Moms), and a Dad's Night Out,” she shares. “It makes him very happy.”

What do you like about most about having a your husband be a stay-at-home dad?

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