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5 Reasons Motherhood Can't Be Beat

5 Reasons Motherhood Can't Be Beat

5 Reasons Motherhood Can't Be Beat

Being a mom can be one of the most difficult and challenging jobs in the world. But most moms will also tell you that it is the most rewarding role of their lives, one that's also full of pure joy. Here, moms share the special moments that buoy them up and remind them what's so uniquely lovely about motherhood.

1. Saying Hello and Goodbye

It’s that everyday ritual, when the kids come racing for hugs or shriek with glee, that melts many moms' hearts. As Yunique N. tells it, “As soon as I walk in the door they all come running as fast as they can yelling, ‘Mommy!' The older two are in front and the baby right behind them crawling and smiling. To them I am a superstar!” Hilda V. agrees: “When I come home from a hard day at work and my son tells me ‘Mommy, I miss you,’ it’s the best moment." For Veronica C., saying goodbye in the morning evokes those special feelings, especially when her daughter blows her a kiss.


2. Seeing Your Child Express Compassion

Seeing your child mirror the tenderness that you've shown him is another experience that plays on a mom's heartstrings. Jocelyn S., Kirsty D., and Kate C. were all moved by the discovery of their children's capacity for compassion. As Jocelyn recalls of her 3-year-old son,  “I was sitting on the floor having a good cry and my son came up to me, looked at me, then went down the hallway to the washroom and brought me a few squares of toilet paper and wiped away my tears. I ended up crying a little harder, but it had changed to tears of love."


Kirsty D. had the same overwhelming feeling when her 4-year-old son reached out to comfort her. “What sticks in my mind the most is [the time] I was in labor with my second baby, and my son (who was four at the time) was in the car on the way to hospital with us. I was having very strong contractions and he laid his hand on my knee and said, ever so sweetly, ‘It's okay mommy, just breathe.’ It actually brings a tear to my eye. No-one ever told him to say it.”

And Kate C. remembers: “When [my daughter] sang me her lullaby when I was sick. It's the same one I sing every night to her and when I wasn't feeling well, she sang it to me and stroked my hair."

3. Watching Your Kids Grow Closer to Each Other

Navigating the seas of sibling rivalry can be rocky. That’s why Helen S. says one of her most gratifying mom moments came when she found her children cuddled up together sleeping. “My little one just wouldn't sleep so I left him with his 9-year-old brother on my bed watching TV. Half an hour later all was quiet, so I went to check and they were curled up asleep together.”


4. The Breastfeeding Bond

Some of the most sweetly soothing moments Circle of Moms members say they experience are when all is quiet and they are alone with their babies breastfeeding. Sarah O. points to one day in particular: “I remember it had been a hard day for my daughter and I. She had finally stopped squirming and fussing enough to settle at my breast. She was looking at me, and she smiled and made this noise like she was trying to talk while eating, 'laulaulau.' It was the first time she had made that noise - and in that moment it felt like the most encouraging thing anyone had ever done for me. It was like she was trying to say, 'I know it's been a hard day for us but I love you and I love nursing with you.'”

Carla G. also shares an especially endearing breastfeeding moment. “I love it when my son nurses for a bit and then looks up at me and stops just for enough time to flash me a big milky grin,” she says. “It’s almost as if he is saying thank you to me.”

5. Being "the Greatest Person in the World"

When Circle of Moms members tick off the reasons they love being a mom, many say that their eyes get misty when their children express heartfelt love, admiration, or gratitude.  These episodes seem most likely to jolt emotions when they happen spontaneously and in unexpected places. As Circle of Moms member Chastity P. shares, they can happen while driving: “The other day I was singing I Told You So by Carried Underwood in the car. I looked back and my 5-year-old was crying, [so] I asked her why. She said, Because that was so pretty mommy, you sing like an angel. It's moments like these that I love being a mom because my children do things to make me feel like the greatest person in the world, and I know that I am in their eyes!"

Even a sullen teen can surprise you and remind you that it's all worth it. As Stephanie B. shares, “When my eldest son was 16 he said that he thought I was a great mom, thanked me, and said that he hoped that the distant future mother of his kids would be as good. That made me so happy I cried and gave him a big hug which confused him because he couldn't understand why that would make me cry when it was supposed to make me smile. Being a single mom was hard and to get a thank you from him made every moment of being his mom even more special.”

Misty E. shares a similar revelation. This busy mom, who sees her teens a lot less often than she'd like, once found a note stuffed in her purse that said I love you mom, "in colored pencil with a drawing of a heart."

What's your sweetest mom moment?

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