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The 5 Signs of Fall Only Moms Notice

The 5 Signs of Fall Only Moms Notice

No need to look at the calendar to realize that summer is coming to a close. The cooler temperatures and the leaves turning might be common indicators that the seasons are changing, but they aren't the only ones.

Here are five sure signs that fall is in full swing:

1. It's in the air. No not the chill, it's in the sounds. It's the sounds of the season, the symphony of kids sneezing and coughing one of the biggest clues that fall is upon us. Depending on where you live, kids have been back to school for anywhere from a week to a month...and they're already sick. Head to Costco for the mega pack of tissues, clean out the humidifiers, and have the doctor's office on speed dial. There's no avoiding it.


2. Touchdown! It's Sunday afternoon, do you know where your husband is? Mine is parked in a recliner watching hours of football, shouting at the television, and periodically checking his stats on his fantasy football team(s). Ever year, along with millions of other women, I become a NFL Widow until February. A sure sign fall is here is when these otherwise devoted husbands and fathers go M.I.A. one day each weekend. 


3. Shorter days, earlier bedtime. Summer's longer days meant I had a harder time convincing my kids to go to bed while the sun was up. "But Mom, it's not dark out!" were words heard night after night throughout the summer months in my house. With the approach of fall, and the shorter days, I can trick my kids into going to sleep as early as 7:30 p.m. I turn the tables on them and use their summertime excuse, "Look kids, it's dark out. Must be bedtime!"

4.  Break out the cold weather gear!  Time to trade the sandals for boots, the tank tops for sweaters, and the bathing suits for ponchos.  Okay, I might not be on board with all of this season's latest fashion trends, but at least there's no need to diet to be trendy.  Unlike swimsuit season, no matter your size, we're all "poncho ready."

5.  Ho, ho, ho!  Nothing says "Fall" quite like a Holiday display in September. I'm not talking about a Halloween displays either. While in several major department stores looking at back to school clothes, I knew it must be getting close to Fall because Santa and friends were already popping up around the stores. What St. Nick and friends might not realize though, is even if they started putting up displays in July, I'm still not going to do my shopping, just like everyone else, until the last minute.  

What about you? Without looking at the calendar, what's a sure sign it's fall in your house?  Leave me a comment and tell me your signs of the season!

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