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5 Sneaky Ways to Hide the Holiday Gifts

5 Sneaky Ways to Hide the Holiday Gifts

Really mom, the closet? Where you hide the holiday gifts so that your junior spies won't find them too early is no mere afterthought! Many of us, including Circle of Moms member Kate C., remember all too well our own parents' not-so-creative efforts: she says that as a kid, she always knew exactly where to look.

If you pride yourself on being a bit better at keeping a secret, check out these funny ideas for stashing the holiday spoils.

1. The Trunk of Your Car

Marta M. says her kids are notorious for hunting down their gifts: "I tell ya, when we're not paying attention they are looking all over the place," she says. But she has figured out how to successfully outsmart the little snoopers: "I hide the gifts in the trunk of my car lol," she says. "I get to the wrapping when they are in school."


2. At Someone Else's House

Several moms say the best way to keep the gifts hidden from snoopers is to not even bring them into the house. Tamara J. hides presents at her mom's house as she accumulates them all year long. Amy D., who says she's (unsuccessfully) tried everything, including sneaking them up to the attic or into her husband's basement workshop, is also trying the borrowed house method this year: "I just had to call my neighbor to ask to use her address to have my daughter's kitchen set delivered too so my son wouldn't be asking what's in the box." 


3. In Impossible-to-reach Spots

If you want to hide the gifts in the house, go deep, counsels a Circle of Moms member named Bonnie. Her sneaky spot: The crawl space: "The kids don't go in there."

Michelle M. and Temeka R suggest up-high places, where little people don't even look. As Michelle explains, "We have my son's gifts hiding in our closet behind my husband's hoodies, up high where he can't reach to look in the bags," she says. And Temeka R., who has a whole crew of pint-sized gift recipients, keeps them "UP, UP! somewhere very high." For Kristin R. it's the same: "high up in the kitchen cabinets."

And Tamara W. stashes them down low, in the basement, amid boxes of sealed and forgotten books and models: "I just boxed them [in] by putting 'Dad's Old Books' on the heavy ones and 'Dad's old Models' on the light ones. . . and no one even gave them a second thought."

4. In Forbidden Corners

Amanda's plain jane hiding spot, her bedroom closet, is effective because she invokes the mysterious power of The Force: "This is an off bounds area for all my children, 365 days a year," she explains. "The older kids know the presents are there, and know they best not go near them."

5. In Plain Sight, but Camouflaged

Suze B. is one of several moms who use decoys. She gift wrap "a few dummies" and puts them under the tree to keep her kids away from her real hiding places (closets). She later swaps them for real presents. And Shea S. plans to cover her tracks this year with a camouflage method: "I'm going to wrap some of the smaller but more expensive gifts in bigger boxes. Got to tape them to the inside of the box so if shaken they won't move!"

Naketa M. and Joelle K. also rely on subterfuge, stashing the gifts in plain view and yet still hidden from their toddlers. As Naketa shares, "I have a 19-month-old and a 4-foot tree that I placed on top of my end table. I then drooped the tree skirt over the table and placed the gifts under the table." Joelle K. also hides the gifts right under her "very curious" 22-month-old's nose in plastic tubs and garbage bags. The key, she says, is that "nothing looks shiny and interesting." Then, like stealth Santas everywhere, she waits until he's asleep on Christmas Eve before emptying those bins and bags and setting up a true Christmas morning surprise.

How do you keep the presents hidden from the kids?

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