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5 Surprising Things Moms Find Romantic

5 Surprising Things Moms Find Romantic

There’s a moment in the movie The Break-Up, when Jennifer Aniston’s character says to her partner, "I want you to want to do the dishes." It’s a line that mothers, wives and girlfriends almost universally understand.

Romance isn’t always candy and flowers and candlelit dinners; here, Circle of Moms members share five surprisingly mundane things moms find romantic.

1. Cooking and Cleaning

We know our men don’t want to do the dishes; after all we don’t really want to do them either. But there’s something touching about a man who cooks and cleans because he knows it will ease the burden a little bit.


Many Circle of Moms members say that a man who will cook dinner makes them swoon. As mom Maly L. explains, "My husband does the washing of the dishes and cleans the guinea pigs' cage — that's enough romancing for me!"

2. Unexpected Love Notes 

Cleaning might be enough romance for Maly, but other women say they find it incredibly romantic when a man takes the time to leave little notes around the house that show he is thinking about his wife.

After seven years of marriage, Dawn M.'s husband still leaves an "I love you" note in front of the coffee pot each morning. Tina B. finds love notes hidden in unusual places, from her car to her make-up bag.


3. A Simple Phone Call 

There's a reason that Blondie’s classic song, Call Me, has been covered by everyone from the Chipmunks to the television show Smash. Sometimes, a simple phone call is all a mom needs to feel the romance.

Allie D.'s husband calls her from work just to tell her he loves and misses her, something she finds super romantic. After three years, Jennifer K. still gets butterflies in her stomach when her honey calls to tell her he forgot to say he loves her before he left for work in the morning.

4. A Loving Look

Sometimes what a man communicates without words is what makes all the difference. Kelly E.'s husband, for instance, may not tell her he loves her that often, but she says she can see the love in his eyes every time he looks at her. She's one of many Circle of Moms members who say real romance is when your husband can see past the bedhead and the end-of-day frazzles and still dazzle you with a look that shows how much he loves and desires you.

5. Being Cared For

Jennifer S. thinks it’s romantic that her husband works so that she can stay home with their son. Lynn H. says one of the little things she loves about her husband is that he fills her car with gas when he knows she has to go somewhere. And Amber N. points out what all of these gestures, whether large or small, have in common: they make a woman feel loved, cared for, and good about her life.

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