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5 Tips for Managing the Mail

5 Tips for Managing the Mail

Feeling overwhelmed by the constantly growing pile of mail on the kitchen counter? To help you get the mail under control, we've rounded up five mail organization strategies that other moms swear by. 

1. Toss Junk Mail Immediately

“To keep mail from piling up, I have to go straight from the mailbox to the trashcan! This may not prevent all piles, but at least I know that my piles are only of the important stuff!” –Nony of A Slob Comes Clean

“Our mailbox is by the entrance . . . and there is a trash can right there, so the initial mail sort is right there. All junk immediately gets deposited there, so only things that need further dealing with come into the house.” –Chris Keith of Adventures of a Thrifty Mama in a Trailer Park Homestead


2. Sorting Strategies

“We tackle the mail as soon as it comes into the house. It is first separated into a few piles: My mail, hubby's mail, magazines & news/sale papers, junk mail. My husband's mail immediately goes into his home office inbox. I open my mail right away and take action by deciding if I should toss it or file it.” –The Domestic Life Stylist

“How we handle it is by sorting it out as soon as I take it out of the mailbox. If it's junk, it goes right into the recycling bin. If it is a bill, it is opened and placed in a pile in our desk.” –Jen Farr of Kitchen Counter Chronicles


3. Filing Systems

“I have a standing file with folders: to pay, to read, to decide, for partner/husband/other person, coupons & specials.” –Alicia Hunt of Green Lifestyle Consulting

“We have developed a filing system that even accommodates sale papers, newspapers, and magazines to be read later. So, the pile on the kitchen counter is no longer a problem. Yay!” –The Domestic Life Stylist

4. Weekly Mail Time

“I put all my mail in one spot, and the bills in the front. I only have three bills to pay every month, so it's not much to keep track off. If you have a lot of bills, put the due date on the outside of the envelope to keep track of what needs to be paid first. Set aside one day a week as the Mail Day.” –Dagmar Bleasdale of Dagmar*s momsense

“About once a week I go through the files and deal with everything I couldn't deal with when it first came in.” –Alicia Hunt of Green Lifestyle Consulting

5. Reduce Incoming Mail

“Get on those no-junk-mail lists… I don't get junk mail anymore, but my husband does (who hasn't taken himself off), so it really works." –Dagmar Bleasdale of Dagmar*s momsense

“Last month we also opted out of receiving junk mail by signing up here” –The Domestic Life Stylist                       

“We manage all our bills online, which greatly limits the amount of mail we have coming into the house.” –Chris Keith of Adventures of a Thrifty Mama in a Trailer Park Homestead

What are your tricks for keeping household mail under control?

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