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5 Ways to Make Friends When You're a Mom

5 Ways to Make Friends When You're a Mom

5 Ways to Make Friends When You're a Mom

"Now that my son is here, I hardly see any of my work friends anymore," laments new mom Kimberly B. "I feel friendless and don't know how or where to connect with girls/moms my age as I work full time and hardly ever get out." Crystal, another Circle of Moms member, found that being a stay-at-home mom dried her social life up. "I really miss having friends," she says. "I love staying at home with my babies, but I often feel lonely, bored, and kind of isolated from the world."

A woman's social life is a common casualty of new motherhood. For moms looking to expand their friendship worlds, here are five tips on how to make new friends.

1. Start a Group

If friends aren't flocking to your doorstep, a great way to try to meet mom friends is to start your own group, suggest Circle of Moms members Meg and Crystal. Crystal explains how to do it:


"Pick some hobbies or interests and post ads at the grocery, library, or online and you'll be surprised how many people there are just waiting for someone to take the initiative." She's organized nature walks, a mom group, and a book club. "People come and go and it takes a bit of organization, but I wouldn't have met any of them otherwise."

Valerie W. is another member who rallied a group of moms for play dates when she and her husband moved to a new town. "It took a lot of initiative on my part, but I now have several friends. Hang in there and try not to get discouraged. It's hard finding that right fit but if you keep at it, someone will come along."

2. Hang Out With the Moms of Your Kids' Friends

One relatively easy way to make new friends is to reach out to the moms you see at the park, the school playground, or at any of the places where you shuttle your kids, suggests Amy D. "I signed us up for a story time on Saturday mornings and . . . I met other moms there. As your child gets older it does get easier to meet other moms."

3. Pursue Your Interests

If you can catch a weekly or even just a monthly break from the home front, a good way to meet like-minded people is to join a class or take up exercise in places where other moms might be too, says Kristin G. "Think about book clubs, gardening societies, sewing groups, learn a language, or go workout (swim, run, yoga class)."

Aimee J. was lucky enough to find a scrap-booking group that meets once a month and provides daycare. "It really helped me connect with others, and make friends."

5. Cast Your Net Wide

Finding new friends takes some effort, reminds a member named Kelly. She recommends volunteering in your community and talking to moms wherever you go. "You have to meet and chat with hundreds of moms before you find a few that you really click with and want to be actual friends with."

5. Join an Existing Mom's Group

Christy W. recommends joining an existing moms' group through a national organization like that has local chapters. "Most of those are free or low cost. They have play groups, mother's night out, family night out, etc." Aimee found other stay-at-home moms in her area through

How did you make new mom friends?

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