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5-Year-Old Girl Saves Mom After Seizure

5-Year-Old Girl Saves Mom After Seizure

5-year-old Rebekah Simpson knew exactly what to do on Wednesday morning when her mother collapsed in the family's back yard on Vancouver Island, Canada. She picked up the phone and called 911, telling the operator that her mother had fallen down and wouldn't get up.

It turns out Rebekah's mother Olena had suffered from a seizure. Rebekah explained to the operator that her two younger brothers were in the backyard with her and that her father was at work. 

Rebekah said she learned what to do from her great-grandfather, Allan Alexander: "My grandpa taught me how to do 911."

Read the touching transcript of Rebekah's convesation with the 911 dispatcher at The Province.

Image Source: The Province
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