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6 Educational iPhone Apps You Would Have Loved as a Kid

6 Educational iPhone Apps You Would Have Loved as a Kid

Kids today have access to some amazing toys, especially when you consider everything that's available to them through mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone. But the toys of our childhood were equally enchanting. Many of us have memories of making music out of stuff found around the house, playing hair salon and dress up with our friends, and reading Highlights magazine while in the dentist's waiting room.

Many of these games and concepts are as popular as ever and have been turned into apps so they can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Below are six apps that you would have played as a kid. Not only are they fun and engaging; they're also uniquely educational.


1. Dr. Seuss Band 

Ages: 5 and up

For: Universal

Why your kids will love it: As a trained musician and someone who loves anything that plays like “guitar hero”, how could I not share an app that can spark a music-lover in your home? Create wacky instruments, beat high scores to unlock more songs, and win crazy sound effects. You’ll see there is way more than just game play in this app when you start building your own “Seussical” instruments. There's loads of play value in this app, and you'll find that it's addictive for all ages.

Available here, free.

Dr. Seuss Band



2. A Little Book About Feelings

Ages: 3-6

For: iPhone & iPad

Why your kids will love it: Whether it is losing a pet, grandparent or getting angry over having to share, kids have a lot of feelings they need to process. This app is a thoughtful, interactive story to share with your child about all the feelings they have and how to express them. Created by the The Mother Company’s Ruby’s Studio, I love that it provides parents with one place to get books, stuffed animals, apps and advice to help their kids learn about emotions.

Available here, $.99.

A Little Book About Feelings



3. Toca Hair Salon

Ages: All Ages

For: Universal

Why your kids will love it: Do you have fond memories from childhood of hours spent playing with your friends' hair? This app is an inspired re-creation of those favorite playtimes. As a variety of people and animals sit in the barber chair, the tips of your fingers take control over the styling, with tools like razors, hairspray, and dye. The best part is there's no mess or emergency runs to fix your child’s hair!

Available here, $1.99.

Toca Hair Salon



4. KidsMag

Ages: 3-6

For: iPad

Why your kids will love it: Highlights is a magazine you probably had at school, at home or picked up while waiting in the doctor’s office when you were a kid. KidsMag will be what your own children remember when they are reminiscing over their favorite childhood “magazines.” Currently, there are 3 full KidsMag apps and 3 holiday themed versions. These apps integrate vocabulary lessons with meaningful math, science and language activities in a learning environment that kids thrive in.

Available here, $2.99.

Kids Mag



5. Faces iMake

Ages: All Ages

For: iPhone & iPad

Why your kids will love it: I remember bringing home a paper bag in second grade and telling my parents that I needed to fill it with stuff from the “junk drawer” and bring it back to school. My teacher told us the next day that we had to take all that “junk” and create anything we wanted with all of it. Faces iMake is an app that encourages exactly that kind of inventive creativity in your child. Watch your child make faces from numerous objects like mops, broccoli, and screwdrivers.

Available here, $1.99.

Faces iMake



6. MathGirl Number Garden

Ages: 4 - 8

For: iPhone

Why your kids will love it: We hear all too often that girls are not as interested in math or science as boys. Recent studies have also shown that parents discuss math concepts with their sons more than twice as often as they do with their daughters. It's easy to reverse that trend and spark an early love of math with a math practice app designed specifically for girls, and that's packed with themes  they love like flowers, butterflies, bunnies and lots of pink.

Available here, $1.99.

Math Girl Number Garden

Carolina Nugent is an experienced educator and the Director of Education for KinderTown, an educational app store that helps busy parents find the best apps for young kids. Sometimes referred to as the "Chief Curation Officer," she's evaluated more than 1,000 apps for kids. See more of her reviews in the FREE KinderTown App, available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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