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6 Fun Mommy and Me Classes for Toddlers

6 Fun Mommy and Me Classes for Toddlers

Looking for new ways to entertain your toddler and meet other moms? Consider enrolling you and your youngster in one of these 6 popular "mommy and me" classes, all of which have earned glowing reviews from other Circle of Moms members.

1. Gymnastics/Tumbling

Jumping, balancing, climbing, crawling—numerous physical skills are encouraged by gymnastics and tumbling classes. And as moms like Moni S. share, toddlers can't get enough: “My DD, 20 months old, is in her first gymnastics class through a rec center and she loves it!” April D. agrees: “My son takes baby gymnastics classes...he will be 2 this month. He loves his ‘jumping class’ as he calls it.” In addition to helping children develop motor skills, mommy and me gymnastics and tumbling classes are a great social opportunity for toddlers and moms alike.

2. Music

Growing weary of your little composer's pots-and-pans symphony? Moms like Lesli F. rave about music classes such as Kindermusik: “I love love love love love Kindermusik and so does my 3 year-old!!! If you have a good teacher it is so worth it.” As Bethany H. explains, such classes teach toddlers “about rhythm, music, instruments, singing, story time, listening, distinguishing different beats/sounds, etc.” Keep in mind however, that these classes may require a longer attention-span than some toddlers have. As Beth M. shared: “My other daughter did not like Kindermusik...she had too much energy to sit still.” Consider doing a trial class to see how your toddler responds.

3. Yoga

Um, toddler yoga? Yes, it exists! Increasingly popular in recent years, mommy and me yoga classes benefit moms and children alike. As Tanya D. shares: “It's relaxing and a little bit of exercise for me… it's also a good way to get him out and seeing other children, as well as a few stretches and songs for him in a happy, fun environment.” Yoga classes for moms and children often incorporate music and stories, and of course teach a handful of standing and sitting poses. Not surprisingly, toddlers get a kick out of imitating familiar animals in poses like Cat and Cow.

4. Swimming

Solo swim lessons are usually offered for children age three and older, but toddler mommy and me swimming classes help children become comfortable in the water even sooner. Brandy F. explains: “It’s not so much as swim lessons, but to prepare them for the first level of swimming…I got her comfortable in the water, hold her to float, kick, and stroke.” The classes are a great experience for moms too, says Samantha L.: “It was a lot of fun. It is a fantastic bonding experience between you and your baby. I would recommend it to anyone!”

5. Dance

Many moms are eager for their children to learn dance fundamentals. But since classes for ballet, tap and other traditional dance genres are generally offered only for children who are at least 3-4 years old, consider a class that's just for toddlers. As Nicole K. recommends: “I would look for something called a Creative Movement class. It’s less structured then dance, but focuses on moving one’s body in different ways to different types of music.”

6. Storytime

Weekly storytime sessions are one of the most common mommy-and-me activities. “Check the local public library for toddler reading groups” suggests Jenna B., while Nicole R. recommends also checking bookstores: “The Barnes and Noble bookstore near me offers free storytimes… for various age groups throughout the week. This is where I take my 14-month-old daughter.” A bonus of storytime? They're usually free!

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