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6 Products That Help Kids Cooperate with Parents

6 Products That Help Kids Cooperate with Parents

Throughout the generations parents have believed, "If my child would just do as I say then we wouldn't have to argue, fuss, or fight." But your child's lack of cooperation is only 50% of the story. The other 50% is yours: the way you're encouraging your child to do the things you need her to do. Being too demanding creates rebellion and power struggle. Using threats creates fear, which only leads to more fear.

Some common situations that lead to parent-child power struggles are insisting that your child brush her teeth for two minutes only to see her ignore you and chew on the toothbrush, or demanding that he eat his veggies, which makes him throw a fuss so he doesn't have to. Or the anxiety you have when your child needs a shot and cries as you walk into the doctor's office.

Here are some wonderful products that will allow your child some independence in situations like these, so that you don't have to go through awful power struggles to accomplish these simple, everyday tasks.

6 Products That Make Parenting Easier

1. Twooth Timer

Getting a child to brush his teeth for two full minutes can turn into a power struggle. Lisa L., a Circle of Moms member with a 2-year-old, says her son, "Likes the tooth brush and asks for it, but then brushes for about two seconds and then uses it as a bat or drum stick or hair brush or back scratcher."

Helpful Product: "Twooth® Timer is a friendly looking two-minute tooth brushing timer designed to make dental hygiene a fun habit for kids and reduce stress for parents."

2. Buzzy for Shots

Like Jennifer W., many parents experience power struggles at the pediatician's office: "Every time we go to the doctors now, she asks if she is getting a shot. I'm not going l lie to her when the time comes, but I am weak in the knees at the thought of them jamming needles in her legs," she shares.

Helpful Product: Enter Buzzy, a unique and helpful way to "change the doctor visit drama from "Do I have to get a shot?" to "Did you bring Buzzy?" "Buzzy is an over the counter combination of cold and vibration that desensitizes the skin to shots."

3. Parking Pal Magnet

How many times have you had to chase your kids in stores and parking lots? The kids think it's fun to run away, but mom and dad get increasingly agitated until they begin threatening, yelling or punishing.

Helpful Product: What if you had a large fun magnet that could be placed anywhere? Place ParkingPalMagnet on your car so your kids can touch it and remain close to you, or stick it to anything metal at the counter while paying for purchases. It's a clever and simple way to make outings a little bit easier.

4. AVA the Elephant

You're child is sick and needs medicine, again. You know you'll have to struggle, plead, and bribe in order for her to take the medicine she needs to get well.

Helpful Product: AVA the Elephant® is a clever talking toy that helps take the anxiety out of administering medicine to children three months and older. Ava says, "One, Two, Three…Open wide! Good Job!"

5. SwimZip

We're all supposed to wear sunscreen, even the kids. Remembering to apply and reapply sunscreen doesn't always happen and a power struggle can ensue while a child squiggles to get away as you apply it.

Helpful Product: SwimZip is stylish UV 50+ swimwear for babies, toddlers, and children. It's uniquely designed for an easy-on, easy-off UV protection through the use of a full-length zipper down the front. SwimZip blocks 99% of the harmful cancer causing rays, too.

6. The Human Body Detectives

We all know that getting your child to sleep and eat can easily create a power struggle, enough said!

Helpful Product: The Human Body Detectives is a series of books highlighting a girl's adventure through the different body systems so she is more apt to make healthy food choices.

All of these products are made by moms who face the same struggles you do. They empower kids and help parents reduce reactions and power struggles when they have to do something in order to keep their child safe and healthy. Just thought you'd want to know!

Sharon Silver is a parent educator whose advice is basic, real and direct, just like a child. Her site, shares ways to reduce both a parent and a child's reactions. She's a mom, author of Stop Reacting and Start Responding, and a monthly expert contributor on TV's Sac & Co. Find Sharon on Twitter and Facebook.

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