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67-Year-Old Becomes Father Again Using His 10-Year-Old Sperm

67-Year-Old Becomes Father Again Using His 10-Year-Old Sperm

At 67, Malcolm Lawrence has already had a very full life. The retired nurse was a guitarist in the sixties pop band Roamie and the Deltas, has a son and two grandchildren, and has survived 12 heart attacks. With the birth on March 10th of daughter Cerys-May, Lawrence is starting a new chapter in his life with his 31-year-old wife, Anne-Marie. 

The couple tried, unsuccessfully, to have children when they first got married eleven years ago. At the time, Anne-Marie was under the age limit for IVF, so they froze a sample of Malcom's sperm. When they tried again last year, this time using IVF, Anne-Marie quickly became pregnant using the sample they froze over a decade ago.

In response to those who would question whether his age or health make him unfit to be a father again, Lawrence told The Daily Mail, "Some people may criticise but we are happy. Cerys-May will have all the love in the world."

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Has your partner's age influenced the timing of your children?

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