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7 Great Cleaning Products

As we all know, it's no easy feat to keep a home clean when messy munchkins share your living quarters. To help, we've asked our Home Management and Eco-Friendly experts to recommend a great cleaning product they've discovered. We hope you'll find something here that makes housecleaning a little bit easier, faster, safer, or less expensive.

1. Vinegar and Baking Soda

"Vinegar and baking soda. There are few things that they can't clean either together or on their own. They are super cheap and environmentally friendly as well!" —Chris Keith of Adventures of a Thrifty Mama in a Trailer Park Homestead

2. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

"My favorite cleaning product is the Mr. Clean magic eraser. It still amazes me that it can 'erase' old scuff marks, crayon and pencil marks off of my wall and make them look like brand new. With a toddler at home, this is a great trait to have in any cleaning product. It really is like magic." —The Domestic Life Stylist

3. Method Tub & Tile Spray Cleaner, Eucalyptus Mint

"It absolutely smells wonderful and it really works. Gone are the days of opening all the windows, wearing goggles, and heavy duty gloves. I just spray, let it sit for a couple of minutes and wipe...It works on tub and tile even when I am overwhelmed and maybe should have tackled those things much sooner. I just love it." —Pam of Momma Can

4. Lemon Essential Oil

"I always turn to Lemon essential oil. It is a fabulous de-greaser (I have seen it remove tomato sauce from white carpet!), dusting agent and addition to wood cleaning. It is also antibacterial and a great air freshener. I really love using products that leave my home clean and me feeling good!" —Mindy McLaren of Sweet & Woodsy Blog 

5. Microfiber Cloths and Mops

"Honestly, I love microfiber cloths. They clean my glass shower doors better than ANYTHING else I've used, hands down. A little Windex wiped with the microfiber cloths, and the shower doors look wonderful!"—Carrie of My Favorite Finds

6. Castile Soap

"I love to use castile soap, because it effectively cleans just about everything. By simply diluting a couple squirts of castile soap with water, I'm able to clean counters and toilets, or I use the mixture when I mop my floors. (I like to use the peppermint soap . . . it leaves my bathrooms smelling minty fresh.) My favorite aspect of castile soap is that it's safe. Now my 3-year-old loves to help me clean bathrooms and I don't have to worry about exposing him to dangerous chemicals." —Hilary Kimes Bernstein of Accidentally Green

7. Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser

"It's pretty close to natural. It uses oxalic acid, which is an ingredient found in spinach and rhubarb. I use it on my stainless steel and my ceramic cooktop, and I've used everywhere else I would use cleanser. It's bleach free and does a great job." —Kim Urig of Our Daily Green

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