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7 Money-Saving Tips for Back-to-School Shopping

Back-to-school shopping can very easily become an expensive affair, but with some planning you can cut costs on many items. Here we've rounded up seven smart tips from real moms on how to tackle back-to-school shopping on a budget.

1. Shop during a no sales tax period

"If your state offers a tax free period for school shopping make sure you save and take advantage! A lot of stores have sales to pull shoppers in on these weekends." -Heather and Jennifer of From Crayons To Coupons

"Starting this first week in August, many states offer a tax free exemption on back-to-school supplies. Here's the link to my list of those states." -Kourtenay Main of Girls With Coupons

2. Use coupons

"Look for the lowest possible price on supplies or even when printable coupons make items free! [For instance], starting August 5th, you can get 4 packs of Bic pens free with the printable coupons and in ad store coupon at Walgreens." -Karen of Creative Couponing

3. Shop around

"Resist the urge to do all your shopping at one store. By shopping the sales, you can easily cut down your out of pocket expenses by 50% or more." -Leigh LaRue of Spoiled but Not Rotten

4. Ad match

"I suggest ad matching at either Target or Walmart. Walmart is easier since you can do it right at the register and they don't require the ad. (I still bring mine.) Just tell the cashier the advertised price you found somewhere else and they'll ring it up for that price. Super simple . . . saving time and money!" - Julie Wallentinson Lonas of Bargain Believer

5. Shop via a rebates site

"Don't forget that most deals are also available online and you can drop your price even more by shopping via a rebates site first like ebates or" -Mary of Mission: to Save

6. Buy school uniforms second-hand

"If your kid has to wear uniforms I would suggest shopping second hand for uniforms if your school requires them. With the rate at which children grow and stain clothing it isn't worth it to go out and buy all of their clothes brand new." -Heather and Jennifer of From Crayons To Coupons

7. Buy for the whole year now

"When you see items like crayons, glue, etc., priced super cheap (like $.25 each) grab several. That way you have extra at home for them to use. Plus, when they get worn out mid year, you have back-ups!" -Kourtenay Main of Girls With Coupons

"Think ahead, the biggest deals happen now but come November crayons will be broken and run down and will need replacing. Make sure you buy enough now while the prices are upwards of 90% off to get you through the whole school year." -Siobhan of My Money Dearest

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